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Dave Romeo is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic national presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.

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Apr 2020

Business Booby Traps #4

Recently, I made a big, huge, stinking faux pas. I should’ve known better, but I goofed.

My coaching client invited me to speak to a group of his salespeople at one of their company meetings. While there, I met most of the salespeople and spoke to almost all of them individually. One of them expressed interest in taking my Sales Academy. Since these people all work on commission, I offered...

Apr 2020

Business Booby Traps #3

It’s natural for new entrepreneurs to gratefully take any business they can get, especially at the very beginning. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea. The problem occurs when you’re dealing with someone who is a deliberate and notorious slow payer.

The naive and uninitiated new business owner innocently believes all prospects are aboveboard; however,...

Mar 2020

Business Booby Traps #2

When you are looking for customers, it’s always encouraging when you meet someone who is eager to do business with you. However, be warned that sometimes people who are too eager may have ulterior motives. This is what is known as a hustler. Hustlers are usually very skilled at telling you what you want to hear but be warned: They test their marks (size up their targets) before they take advantage of them.

Hustlers often...

Mar 2020

Business Booby Traps #1

This week begins a six-part series about some of the pitfalls business owners face in today’s economy.

One of the most frustrating booby-traps has to do with people I refer to as weasels (or for you diehard Seinfeld fans, pinch weasels). What I mean by a weasel is someone who makes a promise he or she does not want to keep and then — almost from the time a person makes the promise — tries to find a way to weasel out of that commitment. What’s even more maddening is that weasels are sticklers about holding you to any commitments you’ve made to them

Weasels give you a false sense of accomplishment. For example...

Mar 2020

It’s Time To Get Traction!

Today’s blog is written by my guest speaker, Bill Stratton, who will be presenting his seminar, Gaining Traction, on April 16. 2020, at the Comfort Suites in Manheim.

Many business owners start their businesses with dreams of controlling their destiny, freedom, making a mark in the world, financial wealth, growth, and fun. Unfortunately for many entrepreneurs and their key leaders, these dreams are elusive. Over 90% of business owners and their key leaders experience the following...

Mar 2020

Learn From Your Losses.

I recently suffered the loss of my beloved mentor, client, role model, and friend Sharon Mitzall. That loss was devastating, but it instilled in me some very important lessons. First, don’t take anybody for granted. Fortunately, in this particular situation, Sharon was in no doubt of how much I appreciated her and valued her as a cherished person in my life. That’s not always the case. If it’s not the case for you with somebody with whom you have a bond, I encourage you not to hesitate and mend the riff at your earliest possibility. Surely, the day will come when you will either say, “I wish I had,” or, “I’m glad I did.”

Second, look for...

Feb 2020

3 Steps for gaining cooperation.

Whether you’re a business owner or in sales, you can’t go very far without gaining the cooperation of other people. It may be your employees. It may be your vendors. It will most certainly include your customers. So, how do we gain cooperation so we can accomplish what we want without the help of others?

Step one is...

Feb 2020

Let goals set you free.

There is a famous story about a bunch of graduates from a large university who met for a reunion 20 years after the graduation. One of the questions they were asked was if they wrote their goals down. Only 3% of the graduating class admitted that they had written their goals down when they graduated. However, the 3% who had written their goals down had accomplished more than the 97% who didn’t write their goals down — combined. This story illustrates an important point. Everyone can write down their goals but very few people actually do. Do you?

Whenever I start working with a new coaching client, one of the first things we do is...

Feb 2020

Reclaim your destiny!

One thing I’ve learned as a coach is that what most people say they want is really only what they wish would happen. Many people say, “I want to lose weight,” or, “I want to make more money,” or, “I want to pay off my credit cards.” While I’m sure they believe these are things they want, the reality is they are only things they wish would happen to them — not things they’re willing to work hard to make happen.

You can’t walk by a tabloid rack in a supermarket without being exposed to numerous “breakthrough diet plans” sprawled across the covers. Do you know which one of them works? The answer is easy. It’s the one...

Feb 2020

Get moving on your goals!

Most people know how important it is to write their goals down. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they do it. Most people make New Year’s resolutions on December 31, but never really think about them until the following New Year’s Eve. The thing about writing down your goals is...

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