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Dec 2019

Learn the Value of Humility.

A couple of years ago, one of my best clients gave me a book called Humility of Heart. As I started reading it, I got a little uncomfortable because I saw so many of my own personal failings in this book. You see, at the same time I began reading it, I was also praying with specific intentions to get all of the sponsors needed to cover the cost of my television series budget.

It wasn’t until I started reading this book that I realized...

Dec 2019

Why Taking a Smaller Salary Can Mean More Money for You.

Frequently when I meet with new entrepreneurial coaching clients, there’s a hesitancy when I ask them if their business is making money. The problem arises from a misunderstanding of what making money means.

Although most people do not discuss how much money they make, most people are brought up to think the more money you make the better. However...

Nov 2019

Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #1

When it comes to training others, most leaders get frustrated with the amount of time it is taking and all too often they give up and decide to just do the tasks themselves. While this is a common problem and an understandable one, in the long run it will cost us more time. You can never scale your business if you are going to do everything by yourself. If you plan on franchising your business, you’re going to need to have a specific set of readable and understandable instructions that investors feel provide adequate training.

The best way to avoid frustrations when training othe...

Nov 2019

Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #2

Have you ever heard the phrase GI, G0? It stands for: garbage in, garbage out. It’s a phrase that was used when people started using computers. In other words, you’re only going to get out of a computer what you put into the computer. That’s often how I feel when it comes to technology. If you do not specifically tell me how to do something, my brain will probably not figure it out on its own. Fortunately for me, this becomes a very valuable quality when I coach. It helps me to see when things are unclear.

When I work with a company, my contact will often show me exactly what they expect someone to do. I know that if I can’t do it, there’s a good chance the person there expecting to do it will also have trouble learning.

What most leaders do not understa...

Nov 2019

Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #3

Last week we talked about authorizing employees. That is when you let everyone in your organization know that they have been authorized to act on your behalf. So how does this differ from empowerment? Empowerment has more to do with allowing individuals to make decisions without checking back with you. The best way to create empowerment is...

Nov 2019

Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #4

One of the most common frustrations I encounter when coaching employees at almost any level is their inability to act and execute ideas without first getting authorization from their leader. This is a colossal waste of time and prevents your people from growing and developing their own leadership skill set. You are also hindering their self-confidence and their promotability.

Once you identify someone who you believe will be a valuable asset to your team, make sure...

Oct 2019

Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #5

My wife and I have recently been watching reruns of the TV show “Scrubs.” It’s about doctors who work in a teaching hospital. In this particular episode, a young doctor is now put in the position to train interns. Naturally, the intern he’s responsible for training is very inexperienced and makes frequent mistakes. Not too long after the training begins, the doctor gets very frustrated with his intern and vents his frustrations on the neophyte.

In the next scene, he learns that his intern quit. When the head nurse approaches the doctor, the doctor’s response was...

Oct 2019

Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #6

In one of my first roles as a leader, I had several counterparts located in branch offices across the country. It was common for us to get on group phone calls and discuss what was happening in each of our locations. There was one young man who was the newest in his position as a leader. I can still remember him talking about how incompetent his people were. Specifically, he said, “if I...

Oct 2019

Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #7

It’s hard to imagine that any inspirational leader today would stoop so low as to take credit for the work of his or her people. This is usually only seen as a plot device in movies. Yet, sadly, it still occurs in the corporate world.

A few years ago, one of my clients...

Oct 2019

Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #8

When you first get promoted into a position of leadership, one of the first things you are likely to notice is that things that former peers let you get away with when you were “one of them” will now come back to haunt you because of your new role. And guess what? The higher up you go, the more criticism you will receive for your flaws that your “buddies” never seemed to mind.

The reason for this is...

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