USP Kevin Fry

Kevin Fry

Dave Romeo Seminars Hall of Fame
Sales Academy Graduate
Leadership Academy Graduate

Providing World Class Customer Service and quality products and services in everything we do! This includes great deals on office supplies, sneakers, tools, cargo control, 12-volt appliances,and much, much more. Also the best aquarium installs, maintenance, and fish in the central Pennsylvania area.

I have known Kevin since 2004. In addition to his super-responsive approach to serving customers, he is a people-builder who truly enjoys serving others. I love his aquarium service. I had never had luck keeping aquarium fish until I started getting my fish from Kevin. He stands squarely behind everything he does.

May 11, 2015


Comfort Suites, Chestnut Hill Villa

543 Champ Blvd

Manheim, PA 17545