Ultimate Service Provider

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

The person must be known to Dave Romeo for 12 months in order to be named to the list and demonstrate that he or she consistently delivers great performance to his or her customers. In addition, there are four other requirements. The person must commit to his or her commitments, be super-responsive, be congruent (words must match actions), and be consistent.

No. There is no tenure for a USP. The person must maintain the standards for the entire time he or she remains on the list.

Dave Romeo will address the problem or complaint with the USP. The USP will have a chance to fix the issue.

Yes. It belongs to the individual and not to the hiring organization.

There are several reasons: If customer complaints are not fixed; if the USP demonstrates unprofessional or criminal behavior; if the USP violates the USP standards and requirements spelled out in the answer to question one above; if the USP loses good standing; if USP does not return phone calls; if the USP fails to keep his or her contact information current; if USP does not show or call for scheduled events; or if the USP fails to honor financial commitments to other parties.

USPs should check the Ultimate Service Provider referral list frequently. Dave Romeo is not responsible for calling USPs to notify them if they are no longer on the list. It is an USP’s responsibility to maintain the standards.

There is no cost to be on the USP list. There is a sponsorship fee for sponsoring the USP webpage and annual celebration night.

A sponsoring organization must employ at least one USP, make timely sponsorship payments, and agree to a two-year minimum sponsorship commitment.

The sponsoring company does not receive a refund and the remaining sponsorship may be pulled.

USP pins are awarded at the annual USP celebration night, which is held in January. USPs named in the current year receive their pins at the celebration night in January of the following year, if they attend the annual USP celebration night. If the new USP does not attend the annual USP celebration night, he or she will receive a USP pin directly from Dave Romeo the next time they meet in person.

No. They are made inactive in case they should return to active USP status.  Their information is still stored so it can be re-activated if necessary.

Yes. If they demonstrate the USP criteria for six consecutive months. Also, if an USP requests to be removed from the list in order to clean up his or her act, they can return again after demonstrating the USP criteria for six consecutive months.

USPs can stay on the list as long as they maintain the standards or be inactivated if they prefer. If they stay on the list after being retired, their category classification may change to something in which they can still participate, such as the role of a mentor or proofreader.

An USP gets free admission to the annual USP celebration night, the annual USP gift, business referrals, a hot link to his or her email and/or website address, a free USP pin, prestige, and a dental plan offered through Smilebuilderz.

An USP must maintain the standards as specified above, respond to requests for RSVPs to the annual USP celebration night (attendance is not mandatory, responding is), provide timely responses to referrals or inquiries, treat people with respect, fix problems, and keep his or her contact information current. If the USPs contact information is found to be out-of-date, they will be made inactive until such time as the information is brought up-to-date, provided they have maintained their other standards.

At the annual celebration night, Dave Romeo announces the Ultimate Service Provider of the year award winner for the previous year. It is a person who has best exemplified what it means to be an USP, by going above and beyond everyone else’s contributions for the same time period. While not carved in stone, it is usually given to someone who is going to receive the award in person. To date, no one has won the award more than once.

No. Guests are permitted to attend and pay a nominal fee. USP’s attend at no charge, provided they are wearing an USP pin.

Yes. Replacement pins are available through Dave Romeo for the fee of five dollars apiece. Please note, it is inappropriate for someone to wear an USP pin, if his or her status has been inactivated.


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