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Seminar Testimonials

Dear Dave:

During the Executing Your Great Ideas Mega Mixer seminar, you had the class write down or communicate a vision for a great idea, then express 5 potential roadblocks to what is or could be preventing us from achieving that goal.

I was able to identify that it was my partner in my current business venture who was holding me back from implementing my entire vision for reaching my business goals. I realized that I had unrealistic expectations for the existing partnership and created a second partnership with another individual who could help me with the additional services that I wanted to offer my clients.

In doing so, I have improved the quality of my existing partnership, created new opportunities with my new partnership, have the potential to merge the partnerships together in the future, and I am happier and more professionally satisfied than I have ever been.

Because of the "ah-ha" moment that I had at your seminar, I am finally performing at the level and doing all the things that I have always wanted to do."

Jason J. Hubler, DBA
Doctorate of Business Administration


I want to thank you for providing an informative and enlightening seminar on Customer Service.  Your people skills are outstanding and your passion matches your skill set. I felt very comfortable in this session because of your ability to make everyone feel like they were sitting around the kitchen table sharing their experiences. Thank you.

So much you brought up in the seminar is common sense and attention to detail. You had some good examples and quotes to trigger the correct response to certain situations.

When I called you yesterday I was looking for a resource to support our initiative in better customer service.  And you confirmed it today in person.

Barry Newton, Executive Director
Hempfield Area Recreation Commission


Thank you for a great learning experience today.  I listened to the Goal Setting Mastery CD's on the way home and I liked what I heard so far.  I also read a few chapters of Designing Your Destiny.  I was able to download a blank goal sheet from your website.  Could you please email some of your goal sheets from past years?  On the CD, it said you would do that.  I enjoyed the seminar a lot.  I look forward to our coaching session and to other seminars with you.  Tell Veronica that I said thanks for recommending you.

Have a great day.

Mike Coons, Store Manager


Thank you for yesterday’s "Survive and Thrive II: How to Create Automatic Money Machines" Seminar.  It was by far my favorite out of my 21 seminars to date. 🙂 I appreciated the feedback from the attendees and I gleaned from all of their wisdom; of course including yours! I am truly blessed to be a part of such a well-respected group of people whose agenda is to DO BUSINESS WELL all while learning LIFE LESSONS to apply in everyday life!  Dave, THANK YOU for continuing to enhance my personal and professional life!  Thank you for helping this wandering sojourner calculate my next steps!


Thank you,
Jacques Abreu

Dear Dave,

I decided that I wanted to make this year the best year that Handyman Matters has ever had. I knew from the start that I would need to engage in coaching in order to make that happen.

I was apprehensive at first, knowing that I would need to disclose some uncomfortable history of the business, but you made it super-easy for me to be honest about the past and even pointed out that I was doing better than I realized. I get so much useful information from each session and find myself anxiously awaiting the next.

In four months, we are already up more than 25% in sales over last year and hoping to finish the year with a 30% increase.

Thank you so much for believing in me and always making me feel so important.

With tremendous gratitude,
Erin Woods
Vice President
Handyman Matters of South Central PA

Dave Romeo Seminars & Coaching,

This is a reference letter and recommendation describing my experiences from working with Dave Romeo Seminars & Coaching. Since 1997, I have frequently worked with and hired Dave Romeo while working at multiple companies and in several professional positions.

My first interaction with Dave was when I hired him to assist me in my sales training and sales management role at Reprint Management Services. He did several series of seminars including a customized “overcoming objections” curriculum created specifically for the RMS product offering. All of the classes were highly effective and became a consistent part of new hire training. The content Dave created also became part of the evaluation/employee-review process. The owners of RMS, the management and the employees were grateful for the expertise and wisdom Dave brought to the company and help advanced our selling and customer service skills.

Later in my career, I hired Dave for personal career coaching. He had a great approach to coaching me. His process allowed our time together to help harvest valuable insight into my personality and bring out the best in my skill set. Dave also coached me in my most recent professional endeavor to become an entrepreneur. I currently own The Marketing Department which is a marketing and advertising agency.  His guidance was a crucial part of a successful launch.

Additionally, I have taken several of Dave’s seminars over the years. The classes yielded effective tools and techniques for strengthening my career and leading a more fulfilling personal life. Thanks to Dave Romeo’s help, I now own my own business and have a clear vision of my professional future. With Dave’s help, I am in a better situation, have a positive attitude, and have a clearer focus. I welcomed Dave’s influence during those crucial stages of my life and my career.  Not only do I think of Dave as one of my top mentors, but I also consider him a trusted friend. I would recommend Dave’s personal coaching and his seminars to any professional in any business sector. Please feel to call me at the number above if you would like to find out further details.

Duane Dagen

Dear Dave,

I have had the privilege of working with you for the past 21 years – both as a colleague within the staffing industry and for the past 12 years, as a professional coach and training resource.   You have been a wonderful mentor and role model for me – both personally and professionally and I cherish our friendship.

When I started Talent Tap, there were many challenges to tackle and I knew that if you helped coach me throughout the start-up process, I couldn’t’ go wrong!  The results I have been able to achieve these past two years have exceeded my expectations!  This week, I’ve hired my second employee and Talent Tap’s revenues and profitability continue to grow by double digits!  I have especially enjoyed attending your Sales Academy during the last four weeks and feel very prepared to transition into a more focused new business development role for the company.  The techniques and tools you’ve taught me have been invaluable and I highly recommend your services to any individual or business that’s looking for focused support to help them achieve their goals!

Warm Regards,
Bernadette Hill, President, Owner
Talent Tap

Dear Dave,

I think it is great that you touch so many lives and I love how well you and Kim make an impact together.  I really like when the both of you are at the seminars together.

I really see your seminars attendees as season ticket holders.  The seminars are places where people meet each other and make a connection–whether you see each other twice a year or 10 times.  It’s always great going to a seminar and also reconnecting with the people you meet.  I guess when you have people striving for the same goal and wanting to be successful you really have a gold mine on your hands.

Also I received an awesome letter from your client, Melynda.  It was a handwritten letter stating how you and she have been talking.  She stated how you have been helping her along and that my personal story has been an inspiration to her.  I thought it was really touching to receive a thoughtful, handwritten letter!   That is so rare these days.  It’s really a shame that they are no longer going to teach cursive writing in many schools.  That is going to become a lost art.

Thanks for the encouragement, Dave.

Randy Whitfield
Bargain Bosses


Thank you so much for hosting a seminar topic (Survive and Thrive II: How to Create Automatic Money Machines) like the one yesterday.  I am so excited to be able to build my online business in order to increase my sales within the store.  I was a little distracted yesterday at lunch by Randy's hilarious stories and just his overall attitude.  I realized after I left that I did not receive a card nor any way to get into contact with him.  It was a pleasure eating lunch with Randy, you and your wife.  Please tell Kim thank you so much for her comment in the seminar and then again before lunch that she feels I could be your next millionaire success story.  That means a lot coming from someone who has met all of your clients over the years and saw that in me also.  While talking with Jess (my girlfriend and total support system) I made the comment that I would be honored if you would write an introduction in one of my books someday... she reminded me that I need to start on then!  I thought about that and after listening to your explanation of just a hour set aside per day would give me 7 hours a week or 365 hours a year to write one, I figure I will be ready to start putting one together in January of 2014.  Time allocation is an important thing I do need to learn.  I am starting to make the newsletter a more monthly thing for my email lists and plan to take each article I write and apply it to the book.  So in theory, I will have at least twelve chapters by January of  2014.  I also plan to make it a point to write a Catfish How-to-Book for the Susquehanna as well as one book on each of the 3 major lakes in York County.  I know you do not fish anymore but I was wondering if you could make an exception if it was for "business mentoring session."  (Every time someone draws a card at the end of the seminar I always think "Man, I hope if it’s me, he will schedule an early appointment. That way, we can get on a good top water bite.").  I am convinced I may never be in the Guinness Records for fishing, but striving to build a reputation as a successful tournament angler will be just fine in my book.

Chuck Mills
Hook-Line-N-Sinker Tackle Shop

Good morning Dave,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday’s seminar, Mastering Your Self-Esteem and Your Destiny. I was telling my wife about it once I got home and in doing so, it reinforced something I knew when I left: What I learn from you, I do my best to apply in my professional life, but yesterday’s seminar went beyond that, as I’m sure they all do.  My biggest takeaway was simply that I need to inspect how I treat everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis – not just professional contacts.

I recall you saying that your goal is to do as much good as you possibly can for as many people as you can possibly touch.  Well, you definitely do that, Dave.  But it reaches beyond just those you personally meet.  What you instill in your class participants perpetuates itself through the relationships they have.  But you already know that!

There’s no telling how many people’s lives have been and will be positively impacted by Dave Romeo, whether they know that name or not.

I’m paying special attention to my relationships.  I want to be sure I’m building people up, not tearing down, I’m humble and I’m not so focused on everything negative going on in our world that I can’t see the good

Have a great weekend Dave.

Your brother in Christ,
Dan Vastyan, Account Manager
Common Ground
Uncommon Communications, LLC

Good morning, Ted.

I rarely write in response to editorial things.  We're usually too busy generating editorial material here to write about the work of others.

But your last issue of B2B was superb, and the article you wrote -- "Updated:  How to Network" was really well done.  I'm also very glad that you came to find Dave Romeo in your wanderings, quoted on pages 11 + 18.  I've been to several of Dave's seminars and have kept in touch with him through the years.  I'm very glad, as a dad who hired both of his kids, that I can offer your article to them as the definitive "Networking" piece (and, I'll add:  it reminds me that I want them to now attend some of the Dave Romeo training sessions that were so beneficial to me several years ago).  Thanks, Ted!

John Vastyan, President
Common Ground
Uncommon Communications, LLC

Dear Dave,

When I was putting my resume back together - I reviewed all of the courses that I took from you. I appreciate how you help your clients to be organized with your notes - since I have kept everything in my white binder! I have really taken some great courses with you which have really helped me with my personal/business development. Thank you for providing unique and applicable training opportunities!

Jennie Weinhold
Shaklee Exec. Coordinator

Hi Dave,

I got your message and just wanted you to know I really enjoyed the seminar.  I like the stories and found it very engaging because of my ability to relate to the stories.  I also liked the networking and thought it was very neat to see professionals from different fields interacting around the same topic.  I am looking forward to the next seminar.

Thanks so much,
Johanna Fessenden
Director, Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area


My parents set great examples and taught me well, but believe me when I tell you that many of the daily tools I use, I learned from or had reinforced by you and the great folks who attend your seminars.  I am very grateful for this as well as the friendships I have made.

Charlie Mann
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Hello Dave,

I just want to congratulate you for your hard work and your success with the seminars.  I'm sure your seminars have been of great encouragement to so many people over the years.  I know for the seminars I've attended, have been informative, fun, and inspiring.  There are a few pointers I have picked up from the seminars I've attended that I use often in my business practices.  I am sure that you will be seeing me at some of the upcoming seminars this year, but in the meantime keep up the good work.

I look forward to seeing you soon. Say hello to Kim.

God Bless,
Sam Johnson
Lancaster, PA