Dear Dave:

I highly recommend the Sales Academy to any businessperson.  I am NOT a salesperson, but I completed left the Sales Academy with SEVEN solid tools that have improved my business!  Your easy-to-follow, hands-on approach is appropriate for the savviest of salespeople and those of us who are not.  

I am confident in saying attendees will earn back the Sales Academy investment and much more when they attend Dave Romeo's Sales Academy.

Thank you for everything!

Karen Saxe Eppley
Owner, Marketing Muse

Dear Dave:

When I started out on this journey of starting my company, I thought given my early wins that business would just flow. However, just prior to the Sales Academy I had lost 7 deals in a row. I inherently knew that I needed to reevaluate my sales strategy. I was really down and stressed out. After taking the first class and employing just one simple tactic of "if I, would you" I immediately turned around my sales to the tune of 8,000 dollars from two new customers within the first week.

But the real success is that I now have a complete sales focus that I had previously lacked. This has had the benefit of breathing new life into my business and me personally. The exercises have brought clarity, focus, and a mission to my success.

I am grateful that we were introduced, and look forward to continuing to working with you.

Timothy Fives

Dear Dave:

My husband and son took your Sales Academy last fall. Since we just opened our insurance agency, my husband Tony wanted me to take it as well, even though my background has been in the medical field.

This was all very new to me. As an inexperienced salesperson, I felt like fish out of water when I came to the art. However, after employing just a few of the tidbits of wisdom you imparted, I now a sense of direction, accomplishment, and the confidence to move forward in this endeavor. I will remember to always start my day with the closest thing to money. I have even employed the goal setting instructions you taught us in order to lose 4 pounds since the beginning of the class.

What your class contains is extremely valuable and just what I needed. It was definitely worth the money and the time investment. I would recommend the Sales Academy to anyone who is wandering aimlessly through their sales journey.

Sue Acri
Farmers Insurance

Dear Dave:

I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to take the spring, 2017 Sales Academy class. I know I hesitated many times, but it was definitely worth my investment. I realize now that there will never be a perfect time to take it, so I’m so glad I took it when I did, even though I’ll be getting married in less than two months.

You did such a great job highlighting the clues that success leaves. I pulled so many great ideas from the Sales Academy including the story that never changes and using “if I… would you…” questions when speaking with prospects.

The Sales Academy highlighted behaviors I have displayed at times which I needed to improve, but maybe did not realize. I can’t believe how you simplified what I need to say to prospects in order to get to them to see me. You’ve made my sales job so much easier.

I look forward to moving ahead in my sales efforts with greater intention and purpose. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Joe Ferderbar
Principal/Operations Manager, Signarama

To whom it may concern:

My name is Joe Benton and I work for BAPS Auto Paints & Supply in York, Pennsylvania. I have worked for BAPS for 23 years as an Account Manager selling automotive and industrial paint and other related supplies to auto body shops and industrial manufacturers.

I first met Dave Romeo in October 2013 when my wife Veronica asked me if I would mind going to Dave’s Sales Academy training class. I told her I would do the class. Over my years of working with BAPS I attended many sales training classes that focused on our industry and learned a lot, so I wondered how Dave’s training would benefit me.

After the class started and I began listening to Dave talk about his values, I realized at that point that he was a person who cared about the customer. To me, that is the most important part of doing business. Without the customer you have nothing. Dave’s way of teaching is so easy to understand and practical and the information he provided in his class was some of the best I ever received. A statement was made during one of Dave’s classes about how not to act as an employee, which caught my attention. I said to myself I do not want to act like that. This was a game changer for me. Dave’s classes would always start and end on time. During the classes Dave would offer great educational books and audio at a great price. His program was laid out so I could easily go back to study and find points he provided in the book.

I am forever grateful for what I have learned from Dave and I will continue to take his classes and coaching for as long as I can. If you want an educator who you know cares about you and will take you as far as you want to go, then Dave is the guy for the job. Take the time to attend one of his classes and you will understand why I feel the way I do. Dave will be a blessing in your life.

Joseph R. Benton
Account Manager, BAPS

Dear Dave:

I felt compelled to write you. As you know, we’ve had motivational speakers at our company in the past, but never felt that they had any significant impact on our business. After watching your Overcoming Price Objections DVD, we decided to have you come in and present your Sales Academy program to our entire sales force. I was a little bit hesitant about spending this much money on an outside speaker, knowing how resistant our sales force has been to listening to people unfamiliar with our business, but I could see how you won them over by taking the time to learn our terminology, our suppliers, and our selling style.

By customizing your program to our industry and company, you reached even our 20 and 30-year veterans. I was thrilled to learn that our most successful sales person was the first to sign up for your coaching program.

I could see how subtle phrasings like asking “if I…, would you…,” questions and asking prospects if we could “earn the right” to do business with them, could have such a major impact on our sales results. These techniques even helped me in my ability to negotiate deals in acquiring other companies.

I saw our experienced sales people put what they learned in your training program into practice after the first couple of sessions, resulting in actual sales and opening doors we have not been able to get through for years.

Thank you for the work you’ve done with our sales force. We look forward to having you in next to help our managers prepare for the increased sales volume and deliver legendary customer service by going through your Leadership Academy.

Dean Berkheimer
Owner, BAPS

Dear Dave:

When I signed up for the Sales Academy program, I was concerned about my sluggish sales. I never took a professional sales training program before so I wasn’t sure how effective the results would be.

Because I was at my lowest point in sales, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose so I signed up for the Sales Academy. I also watched your Overcoming Price Objections DVD.

What happened next was unbelievable. After the third week, I received a phone call from a prospect that I met 3 years earlier at a business expo. Although he never ordered from me before, he gave me an order for approximately $50,000.00 per year. When he asked me if I could do any better on the price, I followed your instructions and held firm. In the past, I would of probably would have cut my price. When I told him that it was non-negotiable, he said that would be OK.

Over the next 5 years, that lesson will translate into $250,000.00 in new sales. I am so glad that I decided to take the Sales Academy program.

Thanks for all your help.


Kurt M. Brown
President, Brown's Graphic Solutions

Dear Dave:

I signed up for the Sales Academy after noticing a huge drop in my sales.  Even though I’ve been in my industry for 26 years, I still wanted to find out how to regain my focus.  I had never taken any sales classes before.  I looked into other training and found the price to be out of the ballpark.  When I asked you how much you charged, I instantly decided to give you a try—especially because I knew you specialized in sales closing techniques.

By the third week, I employed several of the techniques I learned from the Sales Academy and the Sales Mastery audio program.

  • I talked a customer out of buying a more expensive product than she needed and earned her trust.
  • I spent time building iron-clad credibility with another prospect.
  • I used the story that never changes to express my passion for my business.
  • I made sure I asked for the order.

As a result, I closed $19,000 in business with three customers in one day!

Thank you, Dave for delivering on your promise.


Denny Cottrell, Jr.
President, Cottrell Basement Waterproofing, LLC

Dear Dave:

I wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about something I said to you yesterday. When I told you "I'm only taking your class because my boss signed me up for it," I apologize. After I had the chance to think back on it, I honestly did not mean it to sound that way. While I admit, it is partially true, I want you to know that your class has been my #1 motivation to get ahead and commit to my goals.

Before we met, I expected that you would hit a home run with the Sales Academy, but after the very first class, I feel that you’ve hit a grand slam! I'm so grateful to have access to your knowledge and I truly appreciate my company’s willingness to provide me with this wonderful resource. My inexperience is the only thing that seems to be holding me back at this point but I want you to know, any fear I might have about selling goes away after your classes. And I mean that with all my heart.

Thank you for all that you've done for me up to this point, and thank you for reaching out to me when I needed someone. You have a special place in my heart and I want to thank you for bringing me back to God.

Yours truly,

Jon Dochterman
Brand Development Director, Clean Works

Dear Sales Academy attendees:

I took Dave Romeo's Sales Academy in the fall of 2012. I found the training to be an excellent refinement to my existing sales knowledge in an up-close and personal setting.

With the techniques and knowledge that I gained by taking the Sales Academy, I moved into my dream job five months after I graduated. I am also pleased to say that in March of 2014, I landed my first (ever) Multi-Million Dollar international account. I accomplished this by committing to my commitments, being super-responsive, always starting with the closest thing to the money, and using many of the other valuable techniques that you will learn in the Sales Academy.

I have no doubt that if you use these techniques, you too will find true success.

Thanks Dave!

Nate Serino
Digital Solutions
PA Media Group

I met Dave Romeo and Harrisburg Area Regional Chamber mixer a little over a year ago.  He had a chance to speak to me regarding a few of his services.  Being at a Chamber mixer, I had an initial hesitation and originally shrugged him off as just another businessman trying to land a deal.  When he followed up within the next few days with a hand written thank-you card and a warm telephone greeting, I started to realize that this guy is different than the other business coaches.

I had a second chance to speak with him at another mixer and politely thanked him for the hand-written card and explained that it’s nice to see someone still doing that.  Dave then invited me to one of his upcoming sales seminars.  I agreed to give him the opportunity to win my business—a decision that have not regretted at all.

When Dave suggested I take the Sales Academy I was little hesitant of the commitment, but now that I have completed Sales Academy, I know the skills that I learned from Dave Romeo will help me through my entire business career.  One of the most important things I learned was how to make sure my message was clear enough for my prospects to understand.

I highly recommend Dave to any business professionals who have goals of becoming better at what they do in business and in life.  Thank You Dave!

Nate Serino
CEO, Digital Brand Identity