Counting Down The 10 Biggest Credibility Mistakes – #10

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#10 Promising to finish a quote and missing the salesperson’s deadline.

In this day and age, it’s virtually impossible to convince a new customer that’s already working with one of your competitors to start doing business with you. Salespeople frequently find themselves in a position of waiting for an estimator to prepare a final quote so the salesperson can show it to a prospect.

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Counting Down The 10 Biggest Time Wasters: #4

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#4:  Working in clutter.

You’ve probably heard the old saying that a clean desk is a sign of the sick mind. It’s very popular, especially among people with messy desks. You can make all the excuses you want, but the more clutter you work in, the longer it will take you to do what your more efficient competitors have already done.

The best way to clear a messy desk is… Read More

Counting Down The 10 Biggest Time Wasters: #5

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#5: Not writing things down.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a very picky eater. I like things exactly the way I ask for them. If I’m in a restaurant and I have a server who takes my order without writing it down, all I can say is it better be right when I get it. I don’t mind if somebody has a photographic memory. In fact, I’ve often said if I could be a superhero, that would be the power I would want most. However, if somebody is not writing down my order because they’re being lazy and it comes out wrong, I’ll be sending it back.

If you are like most people, me included, you… Read More

How To Tell A Feature From A Benefit

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Ignore this at your own peril!

It’s been 20 years since I started training salespeople and yet one of the most timeless lessons is always explaining the difference between a feature and a benefit. While this may seem like a basic lesson, experience has taught me that there are always people who need to learn this lesson for the first time or be reminded of it occasionally.

The easiest way to explain the difference between a feature and benefit is… Read More

4 Reasons Not To Get A Booth At A Chamber Of Commerce Expo

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How to measure your Expo return on investment.

New and inexperienced business owners are often desperate to get customers but don’t always know how to go about it. So what do they do? They copy what everybody else does. Frequently, they spend gobs of money they don’t have and tie it up by getting an expensive booth at a Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. There are several reasons why this may not be a good idea for you.

First… Read More

Lower Your Cost of Acquiring Customers

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How to do it.

One of your tasks when starting a business is learning your true cost of customer acquisition. If you’re standing on a street corner selling newspapers, the cost is the newspapers, your time, a license (if required), and possibly rent (if you have any). It doesn’t make sense to invest heavily in acquiring customers because your sale per customer acquisition is extremely low. As in real estate, the key to your success will be location, location, location—and perhaps a catchy headline. Let’s look at some lessons that will help you more effectively establish your cost of customer acquisition.

I recently did… Read More

Get More Business from Facebook

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Why “sharing” is better than “liking”.

Recently, one of my newest clients related an interesting observation about social media—Facebook, to be precise. He’s in the business of restoring damaged leather furniture. As you can imagine, this is a very visual sell. When you can show an old, dilapidated seat magnificently transformed into a shiny, smooth, attractive cushion, people are more likely to understand what you do and develop an interest in buying from you.

As it turns out, my client was frustrated because he continuously asks people in his networking organization to go to his Facebook page and “share” this information with their contacts. Unfortunately, his contacts don’t grasp value of “sharing” and just click “like”.

I must admit… Read More

Employ the Power of Uninterrupted Time

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Block off time for big projects.

One of the biggest challenges all entrepreneurs face is not having enough time in the day to tend to all of the challenges that are screaming for our attention. While we’ll usually make time to get the routine tasks like payroll, invoicing, and bill paying done, it doesn’t leave much time to squeeze in large projects.

Sometimes the answer is to… Read More

What Do You Sell?

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Your customers know the answer, even if you don’t.

Whenever I have people going through my Sales Academy program, I try to make sure they understand what they really sell…so I ask them. They usually start off guessing. Most of the time they think I’m talking about their products or services. For example, they might say landscaping, hotel rooms, Tupperware, or lawn sprinklers.

The reality is that none of these responses are entirely correct. People don’t buy our products and services. They buy… Read More

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