Are You A Quitter Or A Committer?

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How serious are you about your success?

I woke up to find an inch of snow on the ground. I was so pumped! I was going to debut my brand-new seminar “Simplify Your Systems” that same day. I went outside to start my snowblower which I had already tested the day before without a problem. It worked for 10 seconds and would not start again. I grabbed my trusty snow shovel only to find out that it was worn out. It cracked after just a few minutes of use. Maybe it wasn’t so trusty after all.

I grabbed another snow shovel… Read More

Is Your Word Your Bond?

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Become a leader with integrity.

Recently, I noticed that an organization of which I’ve been a member for almost 20 years decided to contract with one of my competitors, using the name of one of my most popular programs. After contacting the organization, the woman in charge explained that she had only been there a few months, that she didn’t realize that I had the name first, and wasn’t sure what she should do. She said she would check with somebody else and get back to me. After not hearing back right away, I sent a cease-and-desist request to the organization, explaining that they were infringing on approximately $100,000 worth of my revenue… Read More

What Do People Say About Your Service?

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Is your customer service legendary?

It’s no secret that I am passionate about providing and receiving legendary customer service. It’s rare that I get it, but that’s what makes it all the more impressive when I do.

One of my favorite stories centers around Darrenkamp’s Supermarkets in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It seems there was a woman who had just started shopping in one of their stores when she received a frantic phone call from her daughter. The woman was obviously agitated and a nearby supermarket employee came over to ask what was wrong. She explained that her daughter had just called and said… Read More

Design Your Business Around Your Customers

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Treat your customers like royalty.

I recently had a very negative experience flying Allegiant Airlines. Even though I was able to get to the airport on time and arrived six minutes before my flight was scheduled to depart, I was unable to board my plane. There it was, sitting right in front of me, but all the service attendant would say was… Read More

Saying “So” is So Annoying!

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“So storm”.

My wife and I’ve recently started watching the show “Shark Tank.” While we both find it very entertaining and interesting, there is one annoying trait that seems to be prevalent on almost every single episode. It occurs, when entrepreneurs are coming out to pitch their business idea to the Sharks.

Virtually every sentence starts off with the word… Read More