Let People Fire Themselves

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Set people up to succeed.

One of the least favorite tasks leaders face is firing employees. This is especially painful if you have invested a great deal of time and money into the person. You feel like your investment has just gone down the drain. Even worse, you may feel guilty for causing someone else to lose his or her job and go without a paycheck.

The truth is… Read More

Are You A Quitter Or A Committer?

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How serious are you about your success?

I woke up to find an inch of snow on the ground. I was so pumped! I was going to debut my brand-new seminar “Simplify Your Systems” that same day. I went outside to start my snowblower which I had already tested the day before without a problem. It worked for 10 seconds and would not start again. I grabbed my trusty snow shovel only to find out that it was worn out. It cracked after just a few minutes of use. Maybe it wasn’t so trusty after all.

I grabbed another snow shovel… Read More

Harness the Power of Shared Values

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Follow the roadmap to certain success.

“What are your top three values?”

This is one of the first questions I ask a new coaching client. When I knew someone’s values, I understand what makes him or her tick.

Values are not necessarily given to you by someone else, but rather, they are the rules by which you choose to live your own life. If you ever find yourself deeply upset with something you’ve done, most likely you’ve violated one of your own values. You will not feel very good about yourself until you make your transgression right with the person you injured.

For example, one of my values is… Read More

Think Win-Win!

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Cultivate a reputation for fairness.

For many years, I served as a recruiter for the printing industry. It never ceased to amaze me how many times the same position would become open again after I’d filled it. I discovered this was because some of the client company owners did not act in good faith with their employees.

One of the easiest ways to show good faith is… Read More

What’s YOUR Style?

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Understanding Interpersonal Leadership

Did you ever wonder why you get along so easily with some people and other people just drive you crazy?

Maybe it’s their personality, temperament, background, or a combination of all of these?

Each of us has a unique style, an interpersonal leadership style.  This style is not based on our position in a company or how we “lead” others, but more about how we interact through our communication patterns, our stress response, how we solve problems and cooperate, collaborate, and work with others.

This style impacts all areas of our professional lives and can become a real issue when self-awareness is lacking.

There are four unique styles: Read More

Sell Your Business at a Profit

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Here’s a fantastic blog from one of my guest seminar speakers, Dr. Jason J Hubler, DBA, CVA of Exit Strategy Solutions, LLC.  Enjoy…

Why you need to know what your business is worth.

I recently met with a potential client.  The owner of the business asked me, “Why would I need to get a valuation on my business and think about an exit strategy now when I don’t plan to retire for 10 or 15 more years?”  I replied with, “I am glad you asked that question; let’s discuss one of the reasons.” … Read More

Motivation or Engagement?

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Hi All.  It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to my March 16th guest speaker and today’s guest blogger, Steve Douglass. Enjoy!

What’s  the difference between motivation and engagement?  We have all heard about motivation ever since we were in grade school and our parents tried to find out what motivated us to get better grades.  I’ll never forget… Read More

Challenge People to Solve Ethical Dilemmas

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Show people what you expect from them.

Years ago, I asked a woman I knew to join my company and work side-by-side on my team. She was full of energy, extremely customer-focused, and had an exceptional work ethic. When the CEO of our company interviewed her, she said to me, “This woman is very ambitious and driven. How are we going to keep her motivated?”. I said, “Shame on us if we don’t figure out a way to do that and keep her here”.

One of the first things I did… Read More

Is Your Leadership Inspirational?

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Do you walk your talk?

How do you get people to follow your lead? This is not only important for business owners, but also for those who volunteer. In the latter case, you don’t have the leverage of a paycheck on your side to get people to follow you. You have to depend on your ability to inspire people to want to follow you.

Years ago, I met a woman who worked at the Department of Labor and Industry in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Laura held a very high level management position and she told me an interesting story about how she inspired her employees. At the time, the State’s filing system was horribly backlogged. Laura, the inspirational leader, offered a challenge to her staff. She said… Read More

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