Dave is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic inspirational presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction and empowerment. His simplistic and direct approach towards tackling the challenges of business has won him national praise from some of the most successful companies in America.

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2018 Seminars

1st Quarter

01/18/18 - How to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Confidence (20th Season Opener)

01/25/18 - Communication Excellence I: Connecting with Customers

02/01/18 - The Fine Art of Saying, "No!" (Every attendee will receive a FREE Dave Romeo book!)

02/08/18 - Focused On Success (All New!)

02/15/18 - Inspired Leadership IV: Delegation & Decision Making for Leaders (Leadership Academy Alumni Day!)

02/22/18 - Anyone Can Sell II: Prospecting for Gold!

03/01/18 - Designing Your Destiny

03/02/18 - Sales Academy 5-part Series: The Art of Selling: Getting to the Top!* (03/02, 03/09, 03/16, 03/23, 03/30/2018)

03/08/18 - Communication Excellence VI: Presentation Mastery

03/15/18 - How to Enhance Your Customers' Experiences (All New! Presented by Karen Saxe)

03/22/18 - Creating a Culture of Fun in the Workplace (All New! Presented by Lori Dierolf)

2nd Quarter

04/12/18 - Intentional Networking (All New! Presented by Tim Fives)

04/19/18 - Survive and Thrive IV: Shark-Proof! (All New!) (Super-Seminar Mega-Mixer!)

04/26/18 - Find Your Voice (Presented by Diane Dayton)

05/03/18 - The Psychology of Selling II: Relationship Selling (Live DVD Taping)

05/10/18 - Mastering Your Self-Esteem and Your Destiny

05/17/18 - Legendary Customer Service VI: Mastering The Process And The Outcome (All New!) (Customer Appreciation Day!)

06/07/18 - Proven Success Skills for Business Women: Remarkable Role Models Forum (All New!)

06/14/18 - Survive and Thrive II: How to Create Automatic Money Machines

06/21/18 - How to Hire Winners! (Attendees are invited to stay for FREE foot-longs with Dave and Randy after the seminar!)

3rd Quarter

07/12/18 - The Psychology of Selling I: Think Like A Customer (Sales Academy Alumni Day!) (Live DVD Taping)

07/19/18 - The Fine Art of Listening

07/26/18 - Anyone Can Sell III: How to Close a Sale in 10 Minutes or Less! (Attendees will enjoy ice cream sundaes on the break!)

08/02/18 - The Fine Art of Getting Lifelong Customers

08/07/18 - Dave's 60th Birthday Bash!  Legendary Customer Service VI: Mastering The Process And The Outcome (All New!)

08/16/18 - Networking and Marketing Mastery IV: Inspire the Buyer!

08/23/18 - Survive and Thrive IV: Shark-Proof! (All New!)

09/13/18 - 12 Easy Ways to Improve any Business (Live DVD Taping)

09/20/18 - Become A Leader Worth Following

09/27/18 - Organizational Excellence I: Simplify With Systems

4th Quarter

10/2/18 - Leadership Academy 5-part Series* (10/02, 10/09, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2018)

10/4/18 - Can You Hear Me Now? Active Listening Workshop (All New! Presented by Lisa Murray)

10/5/18 - Sales Academy 5-part Series: The Art of Selling: Getting to the Top!* (10/05, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/02/2018)

10/11/18 - Stress-Free Success (Special chocolate stress-reliever for all attendees on the break!)

10/18/18 - Become a Master Networker

10/25/18 - Write and Grow Rich!

11/1/18 - Approaching Change with a Positive Attitude

11/15/18 - Focused On Success (All New!) (2018 Hall of Fame Awards)*

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