Do you need job coaching?

Years ago, I worked as a recruiter for the printing industry.  That meant that if someone moved to central Pennsylvania and said he had run a Heidelberg printing press for ten years, there was a very good chance that I could find that person a job—sometimes in just one day.

Often, the person I placed would learn that a friend or neighbor was looking for a job and without hesitation, the press operator would say, ‘No problem!  Just call Dave Romeo and he’ll get you a job like that!’ Most of the time, the referred person did not work in the printing industry so I was not in a position to place him or her.

Since I didn’t want to disappoint either the referred person or the referrer, I decided that I would research the most effective job seeking strategies around and teach it to my job coaching clients.  As a result, I found that I could help people who had been unemployed for over a year not only get hired but get higher salary offers than they earned from their last jobs.  To give you an example, I've added a short story for you about a client of mine that received two job offers of over $100,000 after one job coaching session!

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