Dave Romeo's High-Impact Results Coaching

You don’t have to look too far these days to find a business coach, a job coach, an executive coach, or a life coach, but what is a Results Coach?  It’s simple.  A Results Coach focuses on making sure you get the results you seek.  My goal is not only to see that you get the results you want, but that these results have a significantly higher impact than you would have achieved without my assistance.

For example, one of my clients had gone a full month without making a single commission sale.  I met with him privately for one coaching session.  The very next month, he closed 26 sales in 30 days, won his department’s sales contest, and received the biggest commission check of his life.  That is what I mean by High Impact!

I prefer to coach clients face to face whenever possible but also coach people long-distance by phone.  A coaching session is 90 minutes long and all of my work is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

How Do I Pick the Right Coach for Me?

A coach is your accountability partner.  This is a person in whom you are entrusting your success.  Remember, trust must be constantly re-earned.  Pick someone you trust.

You should respect your coach.  Is your coach accomplishing his or her own goals?  This will tell you what kind of results you can expect.  Is your coach congruent—do the words match the actions?  Your coach should be as dedicated to your success as you are.  Does your coach share your values?  Make sure you are working with someone who wants to see you succeed and celebrate your achievements.

My best coaching clients are people who are dissatisfied with their current results and are serious about doing something to improve them.  If you are considering a coach to make sure you will be successful, and you are ready to change your life, please contact me at [email protected].

The 3 Key Factors for Selecting the Right Coach

There are many great coaches around.  When you are selecting the right coach for you, I recommend:

  1. That you speak with the coach first to see if you like the chemistry and style.
  2. Talk with some of the coach’s clients and ask them what benefits they are getting.
  3. Select a coach who has been coaching for a while. People don’t continue going to a coach who does not deliver results.

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