Resistance Makes You Stronger

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Resistance Makes You Stronger!

Encourager-In-Chief: January 2nd, 2019

It's time to toughen up!

With the promise of this new year fast upon us, it’s time to take the bull by the horns. If you were dissatisfied with last year’s performance, you can use that feeling to catapult you to achieve new heights of success in 2019.

We know that going into any business venture there will always be setbacks and disappointments. However, they do not need to be a negative. Use your memory of what you learned from last year to make you more committed and successful over the next 12 months.

When you work with your hands, you develop calluses. Calluses are necessary for you to become stronger and able to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. If you ever took up the guitar, you know that your fingers are very sore the first time you try pressing down on the metal strings. It’s only after you develop calluses on the tips of your fingers that you can become proficient on that musical instrument.

The same is true when we start out in business. Sometimes we get knocked down, but we rarely ever stay down. If people are not interested in what you sell or even hang up on you, take a step back and realize that you’re still alive and you’re still capable of taking great care of customers. Go out and find some customers who can’t wait to meet you and love what you do.

Every time you win over a new customer, it’s validation that any past rejection you may have experienced was not fatal and is not going to stop you from delivering great performance to the people you serve.

“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” -- Source Unknown


This excerpt is taken from my Designing Your Destiny seminar. I encourage you to register for the March 21, 2019 Designing Your Destiny seminar which covers this topic in much greater detail.