Write and Grow Rich!



Write and Grow Rich!

How to get published for $300 or less

Do you have a book in you? Do you have a story to tell? Don’t die with your story inside you.Write and Grow Rich! will show you exactly how to write a book within six months and have it published for under $300.

You will learn the Ultimate Success Formula for making your book profitable; possibly on the same day it is released. You’ll also learn how to make your book sales self-sustaining, so you can generate enough money to pay for your next book.

This book contains a wealth of information about inexpensive book publication without having to depend on a big publishing company, a book agent, or any name recognition.

Dave Romeo shares 26 years of book-writing experience with you. Plus, you’ll even be able to get an electronic pre-set book layout, complete with numbered pages and an aligned table of contents, absolutely free.

(Downloadable version available separately.)

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