Turning Contacts Into Contracts




Available for pre-order, Turning Contacts Into Contracts DVD. To be released on Thursday, November 16, 2017.

Dave Romeo is a Results Coach and Motivational Speaker.  Creator of the Ultimate Service Provider referral list, Dave is a master networker.  This DVD is a live recording of Dave’s entrepreneurial seminar that shows you the most effective methods for Turning Contacts Into Contracts.

This DVD includes some of Dave’s most effective strategies for converting prospects into customers. It was recorded live on it January 19, 2017 at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA. If you’ve never seen Dave Romeo present, this DVD will show you how to network like a pro and get more new business when you collect people’s business cards. If you have already experienced this incredible seminar, this DVD will help you review these simple time-proven step as often as you want. One thing is certain, after watching Dave Romeo, you’ll be entertained, enlightened, and inspired!

Chapter listing:

1 Music Intro
2 Dave’s introductory stories
3 Knowledge in not power!
4 Turning contacts into contracts steps 1-5
5 Turning contacts into contracts steps 6-10
6 Turning contacts into contracts steps 11–14
7 Organizing your business cards
8 Honing your networking skills
9 Guerrilla Marketing techniques
10 Dave Romeo master networking formula
11 Networking success stories
12 Conclusion
13 Contact information and credits

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