Stumbling Onto Success!



Stumbling Onto Success!

Turning Mistakes into Masterpieces

Stumbling Onto Success! is one of Dave Romeo’s best-loved books because it combines so many of his best qualities. It contains the personal true story of how a devastating break up when he was 24 years old not only helped prepare him to find the love of his life living two states away, many years later, but also directly lead to him becoming a Guinness World Record Holder for bass fishing. It also contains some of the most magnificent imagery and some of his trademark inspirational stories.

You’ll find out How to set and achieve any goal—big or small; Four little words that will challenge you; Take control of your finances; How to develop accidental brilliance; Likeability counts; and The best things in life are free!

This book also covers in great detail Dave Romeo’s incredible goal setting strategies and an electronic goal list template, for you to customize, that has been requested from all around the world.

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Book Review for Stumbling Onto Success!:

Dear Dave

I am almost done reading Stumbling onto Success and so far I have kept my goal to read two chapters a night. Well almost—the one night I read only one chapter because I wanted to think that one through which was Chapter 13: Two Simple Steps to Guarantee Success in Every Job.

At any rate, I am enjoying it and I would like to thank you again for writing it.  Through reading this book, I believe we have a lot in common and I wouldn’t mind just sitting down and talking with you about how you see the world and get to know you better.

Thaddaeus Robinson
Owner ATC Cleaning

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