Striving for Significance



Striving for Significance

Life Lessons Learned While Fishing

Despite the cover art, this is not a book about fishing, but a book that teaches us all how to take the lessons we learn while we are engaged in our everyday activities and put them into practical use for improving the quality of our life and the people we love.

Striving for Significance tells the incredible story of how Dave Romeo accomplished one of his most impressive goals: Catching over 25,000 bass in twenty-five years. More importantly, it lists the countless common sense lessons that this adventure produced.

You’ll discover lessons like Knowledge is Not Power. Knowledge Plus Action, Plus Disciplined Follow Through is Power; How to Reignite the Passion Within You; Transforming Your Life from the Mundane to the Magical; Breaking Free of Self-limiting Fears; and Aligning your Desires with God’s Plan.

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