Sell Them What They Want (Not What They Need)



Sell Them What They Want (Not What They Need)

Using the Only Four Benefits People Buy!

Customers don’t always buy what they need, but they will almost always buy what they want. They may need sales training but they want to make more money. They may need dry-cleaning but they want to save time. They may need bookkeeping services but they want convenience. They may need life insurance but
they want peace of mind. These are what legendary sales trainer, Dave Romeo refers to as, The Only our Benefits People Buy and prospects already know that they want them! That’s why it’s a waste of time to convince prospects to buy what they need when they are already motivated to buy what they want.

“Everyone has something very valuable and beneficial to offer his or her customers. Don’t wait one more second to tell them about it so they can begin enjoying the benefits of your products and services. Get on the phone every morning and call as many people as you can who could benefit from your services and enthusiastically tell them how you are going to improve their lives and help them get what they want by buying from you!” – Dave Romeo

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