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Sales Mastery Audio CD Set – (Downloadable version available separately.)

Your Complete Selling System 5-CD audio package (with bonus 6th CD). Sell More and Sell Faster. Close Bigger Sales. Strengthen Your Sales Confidence. Includes content from the FREE 6th Disc Bonus CD: Goal Setting Master Sales Trainer, Dave Romeo, has put together an audio package designed to show you how to become the #1 Sales Person in your industry! Originally a 5-CD Set with a FREE 6th disc, this download includes all-newly recorded material based on Dave Romeo’s twenty plus years of direct selling and sales training experience. It contains material previously only available by attending Dave Romeo’s phenomenally successful sales seminar series: The Psychology of Selling, Anyone Can Sell and The Sales Academy. Plus material never before offered anywhere else.

Audio Engineering by Steve Spangenberg of Spangenberg & Co. (717) 545-9330
Cover Design by Erin McRedmond (717) 645-1325
Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Reserved

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