How to Triple Your Sales




How to Triple Your Sales DVD – (Downloadable version available separately.)

From the classic Sales Academy seminar series

“The Art of Selling: Getting to the Top!”

Recorded Live October 28, 2011 at The Lancaster Host Resort Lancaster, PA

Sales Results Coach and Motivational Speaker, Dave Romeo, has put together a live DVD package designed to capture the best lessons that have made the Sales Academy such a classic sales seminar series.

This DVD includes some of Dave Romeo’s most valuable sales strategies, recorded live on October 28, 2011 at The Lancaster Host Resort in Lancaster, PA. If you’ve never seen Dave Romeo present, this DVD will show you how to hone and master your sales skills no matter what products or services you sell. If you have already experienced this incredible seminar, this DVD will help you review these time-proven techniques as often as you want. One thing is certain, after watching Dave Romeo, you’ll be entertained, enlightened, and inspired!

Chapter Listing:
1 Intro by Renee Kopp
2 The master craftsman
3 Know your ROI (Return on Investment)
4 The 2 principles of human nature
5 All sales is communication
6 Think like a customer
7 The only 4 benefits people buy
The 10 biggest mistakes salespeople make 1-10
8 Mistake #1: Following up only once
9 The ultimate success formula
10 Success leave clues
11 Goal setting for success
12 Knowledge is not power!
13 How to triple your sales
14 Mistake #2: Being presumptuous
15 Mistake #3: Mishandling e-mails
16 Mistake #4: Closing too soon
17 Mistake #5: Missing referrals
18 Mistake #6: Too much about you
19 Mistake #7: Poor e-mail subjects
20 Little things mean everything!
21 Mistake #8: Reactive vs. proactive
22 Mistake #9: Chasing the wrong leads
23 Mistake #10: No follow up system
24 The blurry photo story
25 Credits

DVD Running Time: 55 Minutes

Copyright 2011
JKM Productions LLC.
All Rights Reserveds Reserved

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