How to Hire Winners!




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During his 20 years in the staffing industry, Dave Romeo became America’s #1 recruiter for the printing industry. Today, Dave is a results coach and motivational speaker. This DVD is a live recording of Dave’s classic business skills seminar that shows you the most effective methods on How to Hire Winners!

This DVD include some of Dave Romeo’s most valuable hiring strategies, recorded live on September 21, 2016 at BAPS Auto Print and Supply in York, PA. If you’ve never seen Dave Romeo present, this DVD will show you how to hone and master your hiring skills no matter what the current job climate looks like. If you have already experienced this incredible seminar, this DVD will help you review these time-proven techniques as often as you want. One thing is certain, after watching Dave Romeo, you’ll be entertained, enlightened, and inspired!

Chapter Listings:
1 Music intro
2 Dave’s introductory stories
3 Why are we looking for people?
4 Why can’t we find good people?
5 What should we be looking for?
6 Dave reviews ultimate success formula for hiring executive level superstars
7 How do we find who we want?
8 Why will those we want, want us?
9 How do we interview who we want?
10 How do we protect our investments?
11 Special Bonus Technique: my most valuable question
12 Conclusion
13 Contact information and credits

DVD Running Time: 75 Minutes Copyright 2016 Dave Romeo Seminars and Coaching (717) 413-7472 [email protected]

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