How to Capture 100% of Your Market




How to Capture 100% of Your Market

The How to Capture 100% of Your Market DVD will officially be released at the November 17, 2016 at Dave Romeo’s Hall of Fame seminar. However, if you purchase it here at, it will be shipped to you before the official release date.

Sales Results Coach and Motivational Speaker, Dave Romeo, has put together a live DVD package designed to capture the best lessons that have made How to Capture 100% of Your Market such a classic sales seminar.

This DVD includes some of Dave Romeo’s most valuable sales strategies, recorded live on April 28, 2016 at The Eden Resort in Lancaster, Pa. If you’ve never seen Dave Romeo present, this DVD will show you how to hone and master you sales skills no matter what your competition throws at you. If you have already experienced this incredible seminar, this DVD will help you review these time-proven techniques as often as you want. One thing is certain, after watching Dave Romeo, you’ll be entertained, enlightened, and inspired!

Chapter Listing:
1  Music intro
2  Dave Romeo’s intro stories
3  The battel of the bands stroy
4  The first question you must ask yourself
5  Organizations that have captured 100% of their market
6  Getting “moat”-ivated: The concept of multiple moats
7  Measuring the effectiveness of your moats
8  Examples of successful moats in other organizations
9  The languaage and the qualities of winning people
10 Power tools of the ultimate service provider
11 What to do if you do have competition
12 Conclusion
13 For more information
14 Credits

DVD Running Time: 61 Minutes Copyright 2016 Dave Romeo Seminars and Coaching (717) 413-7472 [email protected]

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