Getting Past Your Past



Getting Past Your Past

Say bye-bye to baggage and hello to happiness

You deserve to be Happy!

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to take control of your life. In his latest personal growth book, Getting Past Your Past, legendary results coach and author Dave Romeo lays out a plan for you to live the happy, guilt-free, rewarding life you were meant to lead. In this book Dave Covers these important topics:

  • You can either live in the past or with your past
  • See every negative as a positive
  • Beware of despair
  • Vanquish depression
  • 10 great qualities of happy people
  • How to become fearless
  • You are not a failure
  • How to handle regrets

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Getting Past Your Past Book Review:

Getting Past Your Past book review by Evanisse Rivera

I just finished reading Dave Romeo’s book Getting Past Your Past. It only took me two days to finish it. My boyfriend asked me if I could please put it down. I said, “no.” Even after he kept talking to me, I kept catching myself prying open the book, so I could keep reading.

It’s filled with so many examples of hope and inspiration plus plenty of positive different stories and messages. It’s just what I needed.

I’m really thankful for this book and I would definitely recommend it to anybody. I believe we all have pasts that keep us in bondage from the life that God wants us to live. I thank Dave Romeo so much for writing this book and I am so grateful to God for bringing Dave in my life right where he was needed. I always say God’s timing is perfect.

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