How to Do Business with Americans

Dave Romeo is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic national presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.

Are you tired of working for peanuts?
Would you like your share of the American Dream?
Do you want to have American customers?

Do you want to do business with Americans from anywhere in the world?

The United States is the richest country in the world. In fact, there are more than 5 million millionaires in America — more than any other nation in the world! America’s millionaires account for more than 30% of all the millionaires on the planet. It is by far the wealthiest country and the most prosperous. America is the only country where people travel (by ship) for weeks or even months at a time in order to come to make their fortune. People emigrate to the United States for their chance at the American dream and to make their fortunes. Immigrants are 2 and ½ times more likely to become millionaires in the United States than people born in the USA. That’s because immigrants appreciate the freedom and opportunities in America.

​Dave Romeo is a business results coach who has helped his clients become million-dollar salespeople. Over the past 22 years, Dave has authored 20 books including How to Do Business with Americans. Dave wrote this book to help people in other countries become wealthy by learning how to work with American companies — even from their own town.​ 

Here’s what you’ll get!

The How to Do Business with Americans book contains everything you’ll need to work with, or for American customers and businesses including:

  • How to work with an American business
  • You have so much to offer
  • What Americans want from you
  • How to stand up for yourself
  • How to sell to Americans
  • How to get paid what you’re worth
  • The Ultimate Success Formula

  • Everything you need in one package!

    In addition to all the great content in the How to Do Business with Americans book, you’ll also be able to get your own free, customizable electronic goal list available at my website.

    “Before I met Dave Romeo, I was afraid to charge what I was worth. As a result, I always set my prices too low. He told me that I was worth a lot more than I was charging. Even though I agreed with him, I was still afraid to ask for more money because I was afraid of losing the sale. However, I realized that Dave was right after a customer whom he recommended to me told me that I left a thousand dollars on the table. Ouch! Ever since then, I’ve been listening to Dave Romeo to make sure I get paid what I’m worth.”

    Ray Fitzgerald
    Lebanon, PA USA

    Get paid what Americans get paid!

    The average American income in 2018 was over $63,000. In Mexico, the average income in 2018 was just over $16,000. People come to the United States to make their fortunes but most people don’t realize you can make your fortune from anywhere in the world if you’re working with American businesses. The United States is an enormous country with nearly 6 million businesses. The number one complaint they have is that they cannot find good workers with good work ethics. American’s will gladly pay more money to work with someone in another country with a great work ethic and great skills who is honest, honorable, and trustworthy.

    Here’s a quick tip from Dave Romeo’s How to Do Business with Americans book!

    Americans will pay more for people like you with great skill sets

    “I’ve traveled around the world on different cruise ships. One thing that I’ve noticed is that cruise ships don’t hire people from the United States when they look to hire for customer service skills. They look to other countries like the Philippines, the Ukraine, Mexico, Poland, Italy, and Australia. They want people with great attitudes who enjoy serving others. American employers will seek you out if you have these skills. Did you know that Americans love to help other people improve themselves? They love underdogs who demonstrate that they want to succeed, despite any obstacles they face. Once you have consistently demonstrated your credibility to a reputable American employer, you will have more work (and money) than you can handle.” – Dave Romeo

    You owe it to yourself and your family
    to get paid what you are really worth

    Did you know that you don’t have to live in America to get your piece of the American Dream?

    You can do it from anywhere in the world if you have valuable skills and you do what you say you will do. In the How to Do Business with Americans book, you will learn what skills Americans are looking for and how to establish your credibility with US businesses. You have probably seen enormous houses near your hometown. The reason other people are making more money than you is that the people in those enormous houses were not afraid to ask for it and work hard for it. Once you learn how to ask for what you want and demonstrate your professional business skills, you will be able to provide a much higher standard of living for yourself and your family.

    You have so much to offer!

    Most people do not understand how valuable they are to an employer. Your ability to communicate your value will determine whether or not an American company will hire you. Americans love employees who have a positive attitude. They also love employees with a strong work ethic who are trustworthy and reliable. Americans pay more for people who keep their word and do what they say they will do. Many of the qualities you already possess will impress an American employer if you know how to present yourself. This book will teach you exactly how to do that.

    Most people who interview with American businesses do not know how to interview. The more you improve your interviewing skills and your communication skills, the more job offers you will get. In the How to Do Business with Americans book, you will learn the best way to present yourself to an American employer.

    “When I first came to Dave Romeo for job coaching, I had been on a job search for about a year. Not long after our coaching session, I got two different job offers — both of them offered more than $100,000 a year in salaries, plus bonuses!

    Pat D.
    Harrisburg, PA USA

    Improve your standard of living

    The high standard of living of the American people is due not only to the higher level of national income and productivity but also to the comparatively smaller size of the American population. For example, the standard of living in India is low, due both to the lower level of its national income and to the larger size of its population. Americans will pay people in other countries more money when they demonstrate that they are worth it. Once you learn how to make yourself stand out in a crowd, you can be earning more money too!

    But wait: There’s more!

    This book package also includes a free bonus video program entitled “How to Get A Raise.” It was exclusively recorded to help make sure you know how to ask for a raise and get paid what you are really worth. This video is priceless and can earn you as much as $47,000 (US dollars) more in your annual, lifetime earnings. This will be a free gift to you when you purchase your copy of the How to Do Business with Americans book.

    What are you waiting for?

    It’s time to get moving: You can get my How to Do Business with Americans book for only $10.00 and earn five times your current salary. Don’t waste another day to get paid what you are really worth and grow your income. It’s time to get How to Do Business with Americans!