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Every Dog Has His Day

Retired Major Shawn Stroop fights PTSD with the help of a service dog and then goes to work for a business owned and operated by military families committed to using the military values of respect, integrity, and trust.

Three generations of the Cicero family are so focused on bass fishing that the grandson is going to college on a bass fishing tournament scholarship.


Living Waters

Gerald Gordon decides to start up his own business building ponds and discovers his handiwork brings out the best in people.

Riley Johnson racks up 310 goals and 516 points in 229 games over four years as he sets his sights on playing for the National Hockey League.


The Healing Power of God

Dr. Sonja Powers credits the power of God working through her for her clients’ praise of her chiropractic services.

Derek Aiken discusses his daily devotional book “Simply” and how its message has been a blessing in the lives of those it touches.


Gaining Traction - Entrepreneurial Leadership Associates

Business owner, Bill Stratton, struggles to save his business with the aid of an outside service and winds up going to work for the same organization to do the same for others.

A mother of six Trish Kisielnicki shares her incredible journey of faith and courage as she takes care a special-needs child with a life-threatening illness while seeing to her entire family’s needs which has inspired a foundation to help similar families.


The Bride and the Barn

Jessica Melhorn becomes the first bride to get married in a converted barn on her husband’s fourth- generation, historic property of what is now a spectacular wedding venue.

Author Nate Wagner discusses the importance of being an essential dad to his daughter and his plans to teach other parents this lesson through seminars and a new book.


Sweet Finish

Unemployed, former COO Sam Miller takes a leap of faith to work in an entry-level warehouse position at Wolfgang Candy and later applies for and becomes its Chief Operating Officer.

Kelly Sowatsky’s search for a kidney donor scores a boost after she makes her appeal to fellow Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fans and the team.


Episode 6 - Bonus Clip!