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Dave Romeo is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic national presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.

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Cooking Up Profitability - FFF Catering

The coach focuses on a wedding caterer, who has been running her business for eight years without ever making a profit. Using coaching strategies and better business resources, he teaches her how to run a successful business, so her husband can retire and work alongside her.


If you build it they will come - Comfort Suites

The coach focuses on one of his clients who wishes to start a part-time business to supplement his wife’s income so she could stay home and raise a family. He creates a successful online office supply business which quickly grows beyond his ability to manage it, interfering with his plans to build his own hotel.


Masters of the house repair - Handyman Matters

The coach focuses on helping a woman who bought into a handyman franchise with her father. After years of losing money, she grows in confidence and learns how to successfully lead a male-dominated workforce and operate in the black.


Uncontained salesmanship - Golden Eagle Enterprises

The coach focuses on a woman who starts a Tupperware franchise in order to keep her house and raise her two children after she and her husband split. Even after suffering a broken ankle which sidelined her for six months, she manages to outsell her entire team while lying flat on her back.


Building on values - Hager Kitchens and Baths

The coach works with a couple who is struggling in the construction field after a severe downturn in the economy. As they clash over their different styles of working, the coach re-focuses them by improving their systems and streamlining their business.


Signs of success - Advanced Signs and Graphics

The coach focuses on an entrepreneur whose deal to buy her employer’s business falls through. After risking everything and going out on her own to start her own company, she finds herself battling cancer just one year after getting married.


Focused On Success - Season 1

Focused on Success with Dave Romeo. The 30-minute show features entrepreneurial underdogs who have struggled in business, and with Dave’s coaching help, have turned around their businesses to become true American success stories.

Season 1 Trailer

Season 1 is available on YouTube. Each episode had run on channel 66 LCTV in Lancaster 15 times a month at different times with a new episode coming out each month. Season 1 has six episodes. Diane Dayton of Dayton Communications and the Behind the Lines television series (on Blue Ridge Cable) is the executive producer of Focused on Success with Dave Romeo.

A running theme throughout the show is Dave Romeo’s coaching lessons and strategies which he uses and explains to help businesses become more successful.

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