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Dave Romeo is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic national presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.

Check out the hit Television Series Focused on Success with Dave Romeo

Focused on Success with Dave Romeo Television Series

On May 27, 2016, the Focused on Success with Dave Romeo television and Internet series debuted on Lancaster Community TV. LCTV 66. The show airs at various times and is also available on the website and Vimeo.

The 30-minute program features entrepreneurial underdog success stories about business owners, inspirational role models, new authors, and customer service superheroes. Each season will have six episodes, airing no less than 28 times per month starting in June. The show is sponsored almost entirely by Pennsylvania-based companies who share its values of faith, support for our military, and the pursuit of the American dream.

Watch the show on LCTV Lancaster Comcast channel 66 Thursdays at 8 PM, Fridays at 8 PM, Saturdays at 8 AM, Sundays at 3:30 PM, Mondays at 12 noon and Tuesdays at 6 PM.

The show will also air at these designated times each month as follows:

The first Monday at 6:30 PM, the first Tuesday at 6:30 AM, and the first Wednesday at 10 PM, plus various other times throughout the month once in syndication. Check your TV Guide for listings!

Diane Dayton, host of Behind the Lines (LCTV 66) and owner of Dayton Communications is executive producer of Focused on Success with Dave Romeo. Dave Romeo, owner of Dave Romeo Seminars & Coaching is a motivational speaker and author. As a results coach, Dave holds people accountable to achieving their dreams. The show provides viewers with coaching lessons to apply in their own lives and businesses, and turn their mistakes into masterpieces. Focused on Success with Dave Romeo will entertain, enlighten, and inspire you!

For more information, contact Dave Romeo at or (717) 413-7472 or call Diane Dayton at (717) 475-2544.