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Is Your Word Your Bond?

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Become a leader with integrity.

Recently, I noticed that an organization of which I’ve been a member for almost 20 years decided to contract with one of my competitors, using the name of one of my most popular programs. After contacting the organization, the woman in charge explained that she had only been there a few months, that she didn’t realize that I had the name first, and wasn’t sure what she should do. She said she would check with somebody else and get back to me. After not hearing back right away, I sent a cease-and-desist request to the organization, explaining that they were infringing on approximately $100,000 worth of my revenue… Read More

You are Not a Failure, Even if You Fail

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Failures teach us about winning and success.

Nobody likes to fail…even me. All right, especially me. But the reality is, we’re all going to experience failures in our lifetime. However, they do not make us failures unless we fail to learn from them. I used to tell people that my job is like working in a laboratory. What do you do in a laboratory? You experiment!

Frequently, I would try new… Read More

Find Your Voice

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Use what you learn.

We all have a story. Here is mine, at least as it pertains to my journey with voice, presentation, and performance. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t talking, presenting something, or performing somehow! As a young child, I would recreate commercials in front of the mirror all the time.  In my room, I would read out loud and hold class with my stuffed animals and the dog. In the summer I held various performances in our backyard as a part of our neighborhood carnival.

In high school and college… Read More

What is Your Cost of Acquiring Customers?

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How to figure it out.

I recently watched an episode of Shark Tank in which an entrepreneur was asked how much it cost to acquire customers. He admitted that he did not know the answer and he was immediately branded as unprepared to earn the Sharks’ investment money. Hopefully, he learned from that experience. How about you? Do you know how much it costs for you to acquire new customers?

Let’s assume you don’t know the cost right now. How do you find out?… Read More

Intentional Networking

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Networking explained.

I asked my colleague, friend, and marketing expert, Tim Fives of FivesSquared, to write this week’s guest blog. I know you’ll enjoy it. — Dave Romeo

The art of networking is alive and well. In today’s world, however, it has changed drastically from just a few years ago and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. As a business owner, there are several do’s and don’ts when it comes to networking. Most people miss a few of the biggest underlying concepts. Without these, you will continue to network without the amazing results you could be achieving.

Let’s explore the two biggest philosophies people miss. The first is… Read More

Why Do Employees Stay?

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It’s all about the fun factor.

I don’t know about you, but these days I don’t often hear other people say, “I love my job”—at least without a healthy dose of sarcasm.  That is likely one of the reasons why the average person changes jobs 11 to 12 times in his or her lifetime.

Many employees say they have left jobs for more pay, better benefits, or because of poor supervisors.  I’m sure that all of those things play their part in the decision to move on, but as a Human Resources Professional, I have always been more interested in why employees don’t leave.  Truthfully, there will always be a job with a better compensation package or with superstar leaders. So what makes employees stay where they are?

One of the most important discoveries I have made… Read More

The Customer Experience Correlation

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Your Customers’ Experiences Directly Impact Your Growth and Retention.

EVERY customer who has an interaction with your business is going to have an experience.  The question is, “are you going to choreograph that experience or just let it happen?”

Online or face-to-face, each customer will experience emotions during EVERY encounter with your organization. This is bigger than “just” customer service.  Every time you touch your customers’ hearts and/or any of their five senses in a positive way, you are anchoring them to you.  These positive emotions can support your growth and retention objectives by encouraging customers to:… Read More

Beware of Breaking the Law of Brand Extension

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Adding more products doesn’t necessarily mean adding more sales.

There is a misconception that having more varieties of the same product will give you more sales. You’ll certainly see plenty of evidence of this if you check out Coca-Cola products, salad dressing offerings, or varieties of potato chips. But the reality is, just because you have more varieties, doesn’t mean you’re going to sell more products.

For example, my wife likes… Read More

What Do People Say About Your Service?

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Is your customer service legendary?

It’s no secret that I am passionate about providing and receiving legendary customer service. It’s rare that I get it, but that’s what makes it all the more impressive when I do.

One of my favorite stories centers around Darrenkamp’s Supermarkets in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It seems there was a woman who had just started shopping in one of their stores when she received a frantic phone call from her daughter. The woman was obviously agitated and a nearby supermarket employee came over to ask what was wrong. She explained that her daughter had just called and said… Read More

Put Your Promises in Writing

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Make your word your bond.

When I worked as a printing industry recruiter, I learned something very interesting about people’s integrity. If I ever had a candidate who received a job offer from a company I was not representing, all I had to do to keep the candidate working with me was to ask him or her a simple question: “Did the employer you wish to work for put your offer in writing?”

Invariably, the answer was… Read More

Harness the Power of Shared Values

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Follow the roadmap to certain success.

“What are your top three values?”

This is one of the first questions I ask a new coaching client. When I knew someone’s values, I understand what makes him or her tick.

Values are not necessarily given to you by someone else, but rather, they are the rules by which you choose to live your own life. If you ever find yourself deeply upset with something you’ve done, most likely you’ve violated one of your own values. You will not feel very good about yourself until you make your transgression right with the person you injured.

For example, one of my values is… Read More

Think Win-Win!

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Cultivate a reputation for fairness.

For many years, I served as a recruiter for the printing industry. It never ceased to amaze me how many times the same position would become open again after I’d filled it. I discovered this was because some of the client company owners did not act in good faith with their employees.

One of the easiest ways to show good faith is… Read More

4 Easy Ways to Silence Stress

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Don’t be fighting yourself when you should be focused on your business.

In my first role as a leader, I was still in my early 20s. The three people on my team were considerably older than me. They used to talk about stress and I had no idea what they meant. Well, that was a long time ago and now I understand it much better.

As a business owner, you may as well receive a great big box of stress when you incorporate your business. You realize that everything is riding on your shoulders and you may have a lot at risk. Stress will probably be your constant companion for quite a while. But have no fear! Here are four easy ways to silence stress… Read More

How to Sell a House with a Leaky Basement

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Turn problems into selling points.

It’s amazing how many people miss the opportunity to turn a problem into a positive. When you use a little ingenuity, you can turn lemons into lemonade.

If you’ve ever tried to sell a house, or buy one, for that matter, you know that making sure the basement doesn’t leak is a primary concern of each party. If you’re the seller, you… Read More

Bring People Together When You Network

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When you connect others, everyone wins!

I frequently see people who go to Chamber of Commerce mixers every month with their coworkers. I’d be surprised if some of these people ever get a customer from their endeavors because they spend all of their time talking to the same people every month. While there’s nothing wrong with deepening relationships, if you go to a mixer and talk to the same people who you work with every single day, it’s unlikely you are going to get much new business there.

The key to successful networking is… Read More

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