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The Only 4 Benefits People Buy

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There are only 4 benefits people buy.  Do you know what they are?

Whenever I meet a sales manager who tells me how experienced his sales staff is, I ask him if he would ask them to tell him the only four benefits people buy. I then tell him what the only four benefits are to make sure he knows them.

I’ve never had a sales manager come back and tell me that the sales force could name the four benefits. So what are they? Let’s go through them right now.… Read More

3 More Easy Ways To Get Started With Goal Setting

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3 More Easy Ways To Get Started With Goal Setting
Goal Setting 101 (Part 2)

Building off of last week’s lesson, here are three more easy ways to make goal setting pay off for you.

Step 4: Track your progress. Even if you are already writing down your goals, that step alone is not enough to achieve your outcome. If you have a big goal, track your progress. If you want to lose 25 pounds, take a bunch of hand weights that equal 25 pounds. For every pound you lose, take the equivalent amount of hand weights and put them in a pile. Be sure to pick up all of the hand weights that represent how much you’ve lost so you can feel exactly how much you’ve already accomplished… Read More

3 Easy Ways To Get Started With Goal Setting

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3 Easy Ways To Get Started With Goal Setting
Goal Setting 101 (Part 1)

One of the easiest ways to become a success in business is to commit to a Goal Setting Discipline and stick with it. Here are some of the simplest and most basic ways to get started.

Step 1: Write your goals down. I know this should be obvious, but could you put your hands on your written goal list right now? I ask this question in my seminars all the time of people who have been coming for 16 years and many of them still don’t have their written goal list with them. Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy or that everybody does it. Still, if you want to get started, begin by writing your goal list.

Step 2:  Read More

Pay your Children a Salary Instead of an Allowance

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Why it’s better to pay your children a salary than an allowance.
Paying your children under age 18 a salary instead of an allowance is a tax write off.

I don’t envy any entrepreneur’s children. Most business owners I know don’t even pay themselves. Where they ever get money to pay their children, I’ll never know. However, I recommend you pay your children under 18 years of age a salary in lieu of an allowance.

Most entrepreneurs need all the help they can get and if some of that help is related to them, so much the better. If you have children living at home and they’re helping you out with your business, pay them a salary instead of an allowance. If your kids are under 18, you do not have to pay payroll taxes on them. It’s a write off… Read More

A Mental Exercise To Prepare For The Unexpected

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A Mental Exercise To Prepare For The Unexpected

True leaders rise to meet a challenge and there’s no greater challenge than something you’ve never experienced before. How can you be ready for that?

I have a mental exercise I do periodically to help me be ready for the unexpected. I think through the best way to handle a situation before I am ever in a position to experience it…even things that I don’t think will ever happen to me. Why?  Because all kinds of weird things happen to people every day – people like you and me.

  • What would I do if I found out a co-worker was stealing company property?
  • What actions would I take if I believed I was about to be mugged?
  • If I was lost in the wilderness, would I know how to make fire?
  • If I desperately needed money and knew I would not get caught, would I steal?
  • Would I… Read More

Build Trust With Stories

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Build Trust with Stories
Don’t tell them. Sell them.

Some 30 years ago I worked at an international engineering and architectural firm in New York. The editorial staff worked in one area. The job was deadline-driven, stressful, and didn’t always bring out the best in everyone.

During a particularly difficult week, Marge, who worked across from me and another co-worker, Alice, stomped over to our side of the room and said, “Someone stole my stapler, do you have it?” Clearly Marge was angry and suspected Alice and me of liberating her stapler from her desk.

Insulted by the accusation, I rose to give Marge a piece of my mind. Before I could… Read More

The Best Way To Recover From An Unexpected Setback

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The Best Way To Recover From An Unexpected Setback

Allow yourself one day to regroup after disappointment.

You can’t be an entrepreneur for more than a month without encountering an unexpected setback. I built up an enormous client base over 15 years. I even waited seven of those years to open my own business. In less than three months after opening my business, I lost my single largest customer.

To say that was unexpected would be an understatement. Not only did the company not want to do business with me, they had already attended several seminars and several coaching sessions which had not yet been paid for and were still calling me to schedule more coaching sessions the day before they reneged on all of their agreements.

That was a rough one. Still, my first year was incredibly successful despite this major loss… Read More

Don’t Mistake a Speed Bump for a Brick Wall

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Don’t Mistake a Speed Bump for a Brick Wall
Keep challenges in their proper perspective.

One of my closest clients and friends just mentioned to me that she was going into a performance review with the owner of her company. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was approaching the meeting with great trepidation—and with good cause. In a previous meeting with the same individual, he changed her job description and reneged on many of the conditions for hire which were agreed to in writing prior to the start of her employment. In other words, the owner had demonstrated already that he was not congruent and his words did not match his actions.

I reminded my client… Read More

The 3 Musts of Successful Networking

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Do you know the 3 musts of successful networking?
They’re as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Years ago I was asked to contribute to an article on networking for Lancaster Business 2 Business. The magazine said it was the most popular article they had ever published. As a result, they have now rerun it twice since it originally ran more than 10 years ago.

The republication of that article has brought me a second generation of customers–the children (who are now young adults) of customers who read the original article. You would think this information was so earth shattering that it couldn’t possibly be something simple enough to do by anyone who goes to a mixer. Let me dispel that myth:

#1:. … Read More

Is Your Business Valuable?

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What is the easiest way to determine if your business is valuable? Make sure it is duplicable.

Why is this so important? Well, let’s think about McDonald’s. When Ray Kroc bought the hamburger restaurant from the McDonald brothers, it wasn’t because he had a burning desire to stand over a hot grill and flip burgers. Ray Kroc’s genius … Read More

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