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Staying Power is Everything!

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Set out to complete what you start.

One thing that has always fascinated me is that I can go into a room and do a presentation and make a connection to somebody in that room that will last for decades, but, at the same time, I may not see any of the other people from the presentation again. I’ve also been intrigued how some people start out so strong and come week after week to my seminars and then… Read More

Love a Child?

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Want them to be wealthy?

All of us know a child that we love and, of course, if you could direct them to wealth, you would; but how? How do you create generational wealth with a child you love? Let me share with you how I am creating generational wealth with my little girl, Kinley Grace.

On August 13, 2015 at 2:11 pm, my daughter, Kinley Grace, was born. A gift directly… Read More

Is A Lack of Vision Killing Your Dreams?

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See your future before it becomes real.

One thing I’ve learned from working on a television series is how many people have no vision for the future. One of my clients overcame a crippling fire in her manufacturing facility, hung tough, and rebuilt her business. The following year, one of her competitors closed down his business and my client grew her company by 40%. In addition, to her surprise… Read More

How to Tell if a Chamber of Commerce is Ethical

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Why Chambers of Commerce can hurt an entrepreneur.

Believe it or not, all chambers of commerce are not created equal. Some are better than others. For more than 20 years, I was a member of the second largest Chamber of Commerce in Pennsylvania. It attracts approximately 200 people per month to its mixers, making it an ideal place to meet networking contacts, prospects, and existing customers. Unfortunately… Read More

True Leaders Make Decisions Faster

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Eliminating leadership procrastination.

I was recently coaching a young woman who I had been recommending to take my Leadership Academy program for the past three years. I was shocked when she finally said, “sign me up.” (I was so shocked at her answer that… Read More

Why Testimonials Matter

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A lesson from 5th grade is still a hit today.

Do you remember all of your teachers? I can’t, but I can remember my fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Baer. She taught me something that I still benefit from today. She told her class she had a compliment book in which she writes down all the compliments she receives about her class. She expected us to fill her complement book by the end of the school year.

The compliments in her book were usually… Read More

Creating a Mindset for Business

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How to master disciplined follow-through

There are several key elements for creating a mindset for doing business.  Setting goals with detailed steps on how to achieve those goals and implementing disciplined follow-through for achieving them (failure is not an option) are imperative in order to start.  Next, it is necessary to… Read More

Dealing With Deals

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Understanding Your Spouse

Last night, I had a major revelation. As I was emptying my dishwasher, I noticed a spot in the sink. I used a hand cloth to clean it but, when I put it back, it didn’t land neatly. It was folded under improperly. I took a second and I fixed it so it looked nice and neat. I didn’t do this because it matters to me if it was crooked. I did it because I knew it would be a big deal to my wife if it was sloppy.

It made me realize why men and women make big deals… Read More

Fighting Fire With Water

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How to handle criticism.

When we are attacked, it is our natural tendency to fight back. It’s part of our human nature. That is why it is so hard for us to fight against our nature and respond to attacks with a much healthier strategy.

If you attack back…  Read More

Remember When You Had “Customers for Life”?

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Customer retention does NOT have to be costly.

Today’s blog is written by my guest speaker, Karen Saxe.  Karen will be presenting her seminar, “Building No-Cost And Low-Cost Customer Retention”, on February 28, 2019 at the Comfort Suites in Manheim.

There was a time, in what seems like the distant past, when consumer loyalty meant something.  You had the same barber until he retired…  Read More

Face Your Fears: Climb The Wall

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Break down your barriers.

My wife and I were recently watching a Hallmark movie that centered around Navy seal training. A romance writer who was doing research for her book wanted to experience basic seal training. She kept getting stuck when coming to a 13-foot wall which she was supposed to scale using a rope. Eventually, she’s able to scale it with the help of her seal team. Later in the movie, she gets stuck at another point in life and her seal team members tell her… Read More

Love What You Sell. Sell What You Love.

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Is this what’s holding you back?

I was recently speaking with one of my entrepreneurial protégés in Utah who has been running her business for quite some time. An issue came up when she needed to invest further money in her business in order to grow it. Her husband was concerned about putting more money into her business because her sales were low.

At that moment, I knew exactly… Read More

Never Say Never!

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Persistence pays off.

Recently, I was selling sponsorship opportunities for my television series Focused on Success with Dave Romeo. This is a very time-consuming process because most of the small businesses I call have never advertised on television before. There are a lot of unknowns, so they are hesitant, and it usually requires multiple phone calls in order to finally close a sale. I want to encourage you not to give up too quickly.

One of my clients introduced me to a young woman who had just started her own… Read More

Don’t Beat Yourself!

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Stay out of your own way.

I was listening to Mike Sullivan, coach of the 2016 and 2017 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team, conduct in an interview with the sports media right after his team posted a seven nothing Stanley Cup playoff victory. This was after his team was blown out of the water two games earlier when they had four goals scored on them in a 10-minute span of the first period of that game.

What Mike Sullivan said that stood out so significantly to me was… Read More

Who Do You Work For?

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Know this before you take a job or start a business.

One of the most important lessons I teach people who take my Sales Academy is how to answer the following three questions: 1) “Who is your employer?”; 2) “Who do you work for?”; and 3) “What do you sell?”

Despite prefacing my questions by saying the first question is not a trick question, I’ve only had a handful of people… Read More

Resistance Makes You Stronger

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It’s time to toughen up!

With the promise of this new year fast upon us, it’s time to take the bull by the horns. If you were dissatisfied with last year’s performance, you can use that feeling to catapult you to achieve new heights of success in 2019.

We know that going into any business venture there will always be setbacks and disappointments. However, they do not need to be a negative. Use your memory… Read More

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