Manage Your Customers Stress!

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Manage Your Customers Stress!

Encourager-In-Chief: May 24th, 2022

Expert advice from former physical therapist Laurie Hubler.

Managing stress looks different for each person. As a wife, mother, and business owner I have found some techniques that work for me. In my opinion, the first step in creating a stress-reduced life is to know yourself.

There are many ways to get to know yourself: Trial and error, personality tests, prayer, just to name a few. For me personally, I have taken many personality tests and spend a lot of time in prayer. I have discovered I am a connector and using external methods for stress release works best for me. I love to exercise and enjoy going to the gym. I can definitely tell when I’ve missed a few days of exercise because it affects how I feel and how I handle challenges.

Another technique I use is to prioritize my list of things to do daily. These are usually mental notes, but for many people writing them down is helpful. I start with the most important task for that day. This may change day to day. Staying flexible also decreases the amount of stress you feel when something doesn’t go as planned.

Lastly, learn to ask for help. This took me many years to try. I like to be in control. I also like things done a certain way. Delegating and allowing other people to help me with business-related tasks, household chores, or running the kids to their events certainly decreases my stress.

Stress management is different for everyone. Knowing yourself is a good first step to determining what techniques will work for you.

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(Laurie Hubler will be one of my guest panelists for the Proven Success Skills for Business Women: Managing Stress Forum.) I encourage you to click here to register for the Proven Success Skills for Business Women: Managing Stress Forum on Thursday, June 23, 2022 from 9 AM to 12 noon Eastern Standard Time at Melhorn Manor in Mount Joy, PA. This event will also be available through live streaming.

It’s not the load that beats you down. It’s the way you carry it.
- Lou Holtz

Let me hear from you!