How Would You Rate Your Salesmanship?

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How Would You Rate Your Salesmanship?

Encourager-In-Chief: September 22nd, 2021

Boost your rating.

Customers frequently complain about salespeople; but what exactly is it that they like? What follows is a checklist for you to see if your skills are measuring up to your customers’ expectations. First on the list is super-responsiveness. Customers hate it when you keep them waiting. Are you getting back to your customers and your prospects faster than they would expect? I’ve never heard a customer complain that a salesperson got back to him or her too soon. Do what you can about improving your super-responsiveness. (Hint: If you want to triple your sales, cut your response time in half.)

Next, are you congruent? In other words, do your words match your actions? Prospects want to know that they can trust you. Start earning their trust at the earliest possible interaction and continuously strive to re-earn that trust at every opportunity.

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Third, do you commit to your commitments? Customers want to know that you are going to deliver exactly what you promise — even if you experience setbacks along the way. Don’t put that on the customers. Take ownership for your own success, come what may, to deliver on your word. No excuses!

Fourth, how are your listening skills? Customers are evaluating you from the very beginning to see if you’re paying attention to what matters most to them. Don’t try and impress them with your great memory. Write down anything a customer indicates is important and make sure that you read it back to the customer before you finish your conversation.

Fifth, are you clearly communicating in the language of the listener? Don’t talk over your prospects’ heads. Make sure everything is crystal clear and accurate. Also, avoid using technical jargon. This will prevent mistakes and misunderstandings going forward. If you follow these five guidelines, there’s no doubt that your salesmanship rating will skyrocket in your customers’ eyes.

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Selling is a transference of feelings. When you can transfer the enthusiasm, you feel about what you sell to your prospect, you will make a sale.
- Brian Tracy

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