Turn Your Contacts Into Contracts!

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Turn Your Contacts Into Contracts!

Encourager-In-Chief: August 11th, 2021

Making your networking payoff

Most people come up with excuses for not to go to networking functions. “I’m too busy.” “It takes too much time.” “I don’t want to give up my own personal schedule for something that may not amount to anything.” I would agree with these statements if I were going to leave the results up to chance. However, there are many things that you can do to help increase the number of customers you get from your networking efforts.

First, understand that networking is all about creating value and business for others. Even before you go, decide that your goal is to make introductions and listen for opportunities for some of the people you meet. You don’t have to do it for everyone, but as you are talking with different people, listen for comments that trigger a chance for you to connect good contacts with one another. If you don’t accomplish anything more at the networking event than this, it will still turn out to be a success.

Next, as you are trading business cards with new contacts, be sure to write down important information on the contact’s card — especially about anything you might be able to do to bring this person business — either now or in the future. If it turns out to be that you have a solid lead or introduction for your contact, promise to follow-up with him or her with that information. And when I say, “promise,” I mean, “promise.” Write it down and make sure that you follow up when you say you will. You will instantly be seen in a different category from everybody else to that prospect because you keep your promises.

Also, make sure that you send out a thank-you note to each new contact you meet. Lately, I see fewer and fewer people have their mailing address on their business cards. When you get a contact’s business card, be sure to see if you have a mailing address on it. If you don’t, explain to your contact that you want to make sure that you send a personally, hand-written, thank-you note to each new person you meet and ask for a mailing address. It may seem like a lot of extra work, but in life, we get extra credit when we do extra work that no one else is bothering to do.

I’ve just shared with you the same networking strategies that I used to generate, on average, more than $1,300 per networking event. Remember, there are other people at your networking events that still don’t know what you know now. Use this to your advantage and help them also to become more successful at mixtures. By doing so, both you and them will be able to convert more contacts into contracts.

Let me hear from you.

Networking is the number-one unwritten rule of success in business.
- Sallie Krawcheck

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