How's Your Integrity When It Counts?

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How's Your Integrity When It Counts?

Encourager-In-Chief: August 18th, 2021

Handling moments of truth

Your biggest challenge as a leader will not be of your competency, your communication skills, or your popularity. By far, your biggest challenge will be maintaining your integrity.

When I first got into business, I was very disillusioned by the examples of leadership I experienced. For example, there was a married, bank branch manager having an affair with his secretary; my own supervisor telling me that if I didn’t add my unused entertainment allowances on my expense report, he would not approve my road trip; or a vice president of a consulting company who struck out the automatic-renewal clauses from our clients’ contracts prior to his resignation to start up his own competing business.

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I kept asking myself, “Is this the way the world works?” “Does everybody do this?” and more importantly, “Is this what I’m supposed to do to be successful?”Fortunately, I discovered later on that there were actually leaders of integrity who were not afraid to do the right thing even if it was unpopular. In fact, whether or not it was popular was never even a concern for them. One of my mentors actually called out her boss when she was told that he was secretly setting up his own outside company. As it turned out, he was. How many people do you know who would’ve had the courage to hold their boss accountable to this degree?

Ironically, that situation occurred more than 33 years ago and yet, of all the people I’ve mentioned, that leader with integrity is the only one with whom I’ve continued to stay in contact. In fact, our relationship has only deepened because of instances like that. When you find a leader of integrity, bond with them because they are rare. They deserve our support and our emulation. Hopefully, someday, others will see us in the same light in which we see our role models of integrity.

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If you value your integrity, be prepared to take a beating from those who have none.
- Lars Lau Thygesen

(This excerpt is taken from my seminar Inspired Leadership V: Leading with Integrity.) I encourage you to register for my live Zoom seminar presentation of Inspired Leadership V: Leading with Integrity on Thursday, September 23, 2021 from 9 AM to 12 noon eastern standard time.

Inspired Leadership V: Leading With Integrity


Let me hear from you!