Honing Your Closing Skills.

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Honing Your Closing Skills.

Encourager-In-Chief: March 24th, 2021

Improve your closes and you will improve your sales.

One thing I learned from coaching salespeople is that many of them are very good at knowing what their products do and standing behind their products. They pride themselves on taking great care of their customers. Yet, one of the biggest failings most salespeople have is not asking for the order.

There is a natural fear of being rejected and many otherwise competent salespeople allow this fear to prevent them from asking for a sale. This is an enormous disservice to the prospect, especially one who desperately needs what you sell. If your customer doesn’t want what you sell, he or she will let you know. Often, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to buy from you. It may just mean that you haven’t explained the value well enough for them to make up their minds.

One of the most important skills a salesperson needs to master is validation. Validation is getting your prospect to agree that what you’ve offered will solve his or her problem before you ask for the order. Let’s say you are selling a house. This is a big investment for people. If you’ve done your homework properly, you’ve asked your prospect a number of questions to find out what’s most important. For example, a house in the suburbs, that’s close to a school, that has three bathrooms, and three bedrooms might be very attractive to a family of four. In this case, validation might sound something like this: “I understand why having a nice house in the suburbs and close to a school might be very valuable to your family. Naturally, it will be great to have a separate bedroom for each of your children. This house has all that. In addition, it conveniently has three bathrooms, which will make life a lot more pleasant for everyone involved. Would you agree that this house is very well-suited to your family’s needs?”

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If you get a “yes” to the question above, you’ve done a good job of getting your prospect to validate that he or she likes what you sell. Whenever possible, you want to ask validation question before you ask for the sale. Remember, closing is not something you only do at the end of the sale, but all the entire way through. The better you are at closing your prospect over each point of agreement (when to meet, sufficiently answering questions, scheduling inspections, getting a deposit, etc.) The more likely you are to wind up closing the sale with an enthusiastic customer.

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Close does make the sale.
- Dave Romeo

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