Worthwhile Credo #10

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Worthwhile Credo #10

Encourager-In-Chief: October 28th, 2020

Knowledge, plus action, plus focus, plus disciplined follow-through, is success.

Today begins a 10-part series designed to take simple, common sense principles and combine them to make your business virtually untouchable by your competition.

Counting down with number 10 is a statement that defies one of the most accepted axioms in society. You’ve heard the expression, “Knowledge is power.” The reality is knowledge is not power. Let me demonstrate.

If you know that writing down your goals will directly increase your odds of completing your goals and you never take any action on this information, how much power will that knowledge give you? None. If you know that eating healthy and exercising will help you lose weight but you ignore this knowledge, you will not gain any power from it.

The reality is the only way you gain power is by first obtaining the knowledge, acting on that knowledge (in other words, applying what the knowledge indicates), and staying with those actions — no matter how difficult that may be — until you achieve your goal. In other words, knowledge is not power. Knowledge, plus action, plus disciplined follow-through is power. This is an unstoppable formula that will serve you when applied to any worthwhile goal. And if you add focus to that equation, you’ll experience success like never before.

By the way, as you add more of the credos in the series and use them in combination, there will be a multiplier effect and you will gain even greater benefits. Remember: everything helps everything else.

There are reasons and results and the reasons don’t count.
- Anonymous

Let me hear from you. This excerpt is taken from Focus, Follow up, and Follow Through seminar. I encourage you to view my online Sales Academy program, which also includes this lesson in greater detail, at Dave Romeo Online University.

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