Lead With Purpose.

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Lead With Purpose.

Encourager-In-Chief: September 2nd, 2020

Make a difference in your life and others.

Do you remember the first time you were put into a position of leadership? Chances are you were scared to death at the prospect of being responsible for overseeing employees. Without proper training or experience, the thought of disciplining or even terminating someone can be very intimidating. Yet, many people find themselves thrust into their first leadership role despite the fact that they have not been properly equipped for the responsibilities that come along with it.

Having a title is not enough to command the respect of the people you serve. The only way to garner respect is to earn it. So how do you do that? First, get to know the people you serve. Talk to them. Ask their opinions. Learn what’s important to them. Next, get used to creating visual word pictures to help employees understand what it is you want to create. You will probably be repeating them over and over again — many times to the same people. That’s okay. It comes with the territory. People need to be reminded of the shared vision.

Imagine that you are climbing a mountain for the very first time. You’d naturally probably be very nervous and wondering if you’re going the right way. However, if you had an experienced guide who was extremely familiar with that particular mountain, you probably feel a lot better. No doubt that guide would keep telling you what to expect next and when you were almost at the top. That’s the value that a true leader brings to people: making sure everybody knows the purpose, helping them visualize it, and keep reminding them about it.

Finally, make sure that the people on your team know that they matter to you. It’s not enough that they can help you achieve your goals. It’s important for you to invest in them, involve them, and include them throughout the process. Be their consoler through the setbacks and failures and their cheerleader through the successes and victories. Know your purpose and lead with love.

Effective leadership will extend past your own lifetime.
- Dave Romeo

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