How To Get Published For $300 Or Less.

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How To Get Published For $300 Or Less.

Encourager-In-Chief: September 30th, 2020

Tell your story and become an author.

I only recently discovered how many of my clients secretly wish to write their own books, but were afraid to try or did not know how to get started. Having now published 19 books, I wanted to take some of the fear out of getting started.

First of all, you don’t need a publisher to publish a book. You do need a book and a printing company, but you can self-publish a book on your own. Not only is it much less expensive, but you also keep more of the profits from what you sell.

A few years ago, one of my high school classmates contacted me because she wanted to publish her very first novel. She followed my instructions and was profitable two weeks before it was released. I happened to see how much the printing company charged for her first run of books. The receipt said $287. Imagine that: You can get published for under $300!

Some people might say that if you’re self-published, it doesn’t count. All I can say is I’ve published in every conceivable way there is to publish a book. The books that made me the most money were the ones I had printed myself. The ones that I made the least amount of money on and took me the longest to break even were the ones that I contracted through traditional publishing companies.

I write…therefore I am.
- Sheila Pierson

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Write And Grow Rich!


Write and Grow Rich! How to get published for $300 or less Do you have a book in you? Do you have a story to tell? Don’t die with your story inside you.Write and Grow Rich!...

Write and Grow Rich!


Let me hear from you!