3 Steps for gaining cooperation.

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3 Steps for gaining cooperation.

Encourager-In-Chief: February 26th, 2020

Use this in any situation.

Whether you’re a business owner or in sales, you can’t go very far without gaining the cooperation of other people. It may be your employees. It may be your vendors. It will most certainly include your customers. So, how do we gain cooperation so we can accomplish what we want without the help of others?

Step one is to sincerely try to learn what the other person wants most. This will require some detective work. Ask open-ended questions and get the other person to open up about what’s important. This can be done with questions such as, “Help me understand exactly why this is so important to you.” Your goal is to understand exactly what the other party wants and why.

Step two, learn what the other person values. Remember that values are the key to unlocking a person’s code. Once you understand the person’s values, you have the ability to influence and persuade him or her through what matters most to that person.

Step three, ask for help by approaching the person through his or her values. For example, if a person’s top three values are integrity, loyalty, and strong work ethic, your conversation might go something like this: “Joe, I really need your help in this project. I know it’s not going to be easy so I’m looking for somebody who I can depend on to see it through to the end (strong work ethic). You’ve earned my respect through your dedication to our organization (loyalty) and I know you’re definitely one person I can trust implicitly to always do the right thing — even when it’s difficult (integrity). Can I count on your help with this project?”

It would be nearly impossible for Joe reject this approach because you are speaking in his mother tongue by addressing his values. Our values make us who we are. We pick them and they are the rules by which we live our lives. When you appeal to people through their values, you will always gain their attention and almost always win their support.

The way to a person’s heart is through his or her values.
- Dave Romeo

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