Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #1

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Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #1

Encourager-In-Chief: November 27th, 2019

It's easier to do it myself.

When it comes to training others, most leaders get frustrated with the amount of time it is taking and all too often they give up and decide to just do the tasks themselves. While this is a common problem and an understandable one, in the long run it will cost us more time. You can never scale your business if you are going to do everything by yourself. If you plan on franchising your business, you’re going to need to have a specific set of readable and understandable instructions that investors feel provide adequate training.

The best way to avoid frustrations when training others is to follow this strategy: 1) Tell the person what you want him or her to do. 2) Show the person how to do it. 3) Let the person try to do it on his or her own. 4) Evaluate and show the person anything he or she needs to do differently. 5) Let the person try again until he or she has it down and can duplicate the task correctly and repeatedly.

Some tasks will be harder to learn than others. Have patience with yourself and patience with the person you are training. Together both of you will grow and you will eventually have more time to do things a true leader worth following should be doing.

The process takes as long as it takes — depending upon your ability to effectively communicate and the individual’s ability to understand and execute the tasks set before him or her. As you start to train other leaders, you will multiply the amount of training which can take place. That’s when you will truly have an opportunity to realize your influence and scope on an organization.
To add, lead followers. To multiply lead the leaders.
- John Maxwell, The Law of Explosive Growth from “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”

This excerpt is taken from my Delegation and Decision-Making for Leaders seminar.

Inspired Leadership IV: Delegation & Decision Making For Leaders


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