Don’t practice on your customers!

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Don’t practice on your customers!

Encourager-In-Chief: April 24th, 2019

Add instant credibility to your sales presentations.

I once mentioned to the general manager of one of my client companies that, half of the time, his sales people did not get enough information from their prospects before they started recommending solutions. He said, “I guarantee you it’s higher than that.”

Listening, asking for more information, and probing with additional questions is a sign of respect. It demonstrates that you want to hear what your prospects have to say before you jump down their throat and make a recommendation.

In the 1970s, there was a television show called Kung Fu. In it, you see a young boy going through this training. He has to walk on rice paper without tearing it in order to make sure his footsteps will not be heard. Even though he thinks he did well on his first attempt, when he turns around, he sees it’s full of tears. Finally, by the end, he has mastered the skill. I often use this example as a parable for training salespeople on how to make a credible presentation. Saying “I don’t know,” is like tearing the rice paper.

Never practice making mistakes on your customers. Find someone to role-play before you get on the phone. Have someone challenge you by asking you question after question until you can answer every single question without saying, “I don’t know.” You should know your prices, if items are in stock, product availability, approximate shipping schedules, and anything else that’s relevant that the prospect may want to know.

When you can answer all of the questions without saying, “I don’t know” during your role-playing, then it’s time for you to go and get on the phone and impress your prospects.

Ignorance is not the barrier to discovery. It is the illusion of knowledge.
- John Maxwell

This excerpt is taken from my Think Like A Customer seminar.

The Psychology Of Selling I: Think Like A Customer


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