Counting Down The 10 Biggest Time Wasters: #2

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Counting Down The 10 Biggest Time Wasters: #2

Encourager-In-Chief: August 15th, 2018

#2 Multi-handling the same item

Today, we continue a 10-week series to give you back more time in your day. Let’s face it; entrepreneurs never have enough time to do everything they need to do. That’s all the more reason to start today with the easiest way for you to get your time back.

I am convinced that most time is wasted because of indecision. It’s almost as if people get paralyzed when they see a piece of paper that cannot be resolved with an instant “yes” or “no” decision. I understand this and I’m guilty of it myself from time to time. However, I fight the temptation to leave things hanging because I detest clutter.

One of the best methods for combating this problem is to practice single-handling every piece of paper as you receive it. This can start with opening the mail. My wife opens our mail at home. No matter how big the pile, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her take more than 30 seconds to make a decision about what stays and what gets dumped into the recycling bin. She is a master of single-handling mail… especially junk mail.

In my email inbox, there are currently 4,507 items. I don’t believe my wife has 10 emails in her email inbox. I’m not hanging onto my emails because I can’t make a decision. Many of them contain business contracts, orders, or specific instructions about which I may have to refer at a future date. In my defense, virtually all my emails are read and addressed as they arrive. If time does not allow me to immediately address them, I flag them so they can be addressed as soon as I have some time in front of my laptop.

Keep in mind there are four options for single-handling paperwork: taking action, delegating to the appropriate person, filing, or tossing. Also, be aware that more than 80% of all documents that are filed are never viewed again.

Have enough respect for yourself to begin single-handling as many of your documents and emails as possible. You’ll find you have more time to pay attention to your customers and handle their issues more quickly.

There's never enough time to do it right but there's always enough time to do it over.
- Anonymous

This excerpt is taken from my Time Mastery seminar.

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