Counting Down The 10 Biggest Time Wasters: #6

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Counting Down The 10 Biggest Time Wasters: #6

Encourager-In-Chief: July 18th, 2018

#6: Personal interruptions

Today, we continue a 10-week series to give you back more time in your day. Let’s face it; entrepreneurs never have enough time to do everything they need to do. That’s all the more reason to start today with the easiest way for you to get your time back.

Do you have a plan for dealing with personal interruptions? These come in all forms including phone calls, emails, texts, children, pets, visitors, etc. They are inevitable. Your goal should not be how to avoid having interruptions but rather, how to best deal with interruptions when they occur.

When you begin your day, anticipate that you are going to be interrupted. You can divide your workload into two categories: Work that you can only do when you give your full attention to the task and work that can be done while you are listening to somebody else.

I have some people I serve who call and require a significant amount of time. If I am interrupted from a task that requires my full concentration, I’ll switch over to a task that I can do while I listen to somebody on the phone. These might include filing, organizing, packing, dusting, or exercising. (Working from home has its perks.)

These are usually tasks that take a lot of time but are not hard to do and don’t require a high level of concentration to complete them.

I take great pains to limit my downtime. If I go anywhere where I may have to wait in a car, I will have a stack of phone calls to make or list of blogs or chapters to proofread. I’ve also found that an airplane is an ideal place for me to plan out long-term outlines for seminar lesson plans or an annual seminar schedule.

Having a system in which you are productive even during your interruptions will add hours a week to your workday. The key is to anticipate and pre-plan for them before they occur and have plenty of tasks you can do when the time is right.

Control your life and don’t let your life control you.
- Dave Romeo

This excerpt is taken from my Time Mastery seminar.

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