The Customer Experience Correlation

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The Customer Experience Correlation

Encourager-In-Chief: February 28th, 2018

Your Customers’ Experiences Directly Impact Your Growth and Retention.

I asked my colleague, friend, and marketing expert, Karen Saxe of Marketing Muse, to write this week’s guest blog. I know you’ll enjoy it. — Dave Romeo

EVERY customer who has an interaction with your business is going to have an experience. The question is, “are you going to choreograph that experience or just let it happen?”

Online or face-to-face, each customer will experience emotions during EVERY encounter with your organization. This is bigger than “just” customer service. Every time you touch your customers’ hearts and/or any of their five senses in a positive way, you are anchoring them to you. These positive emotions can support your growth and retention objectives by encouraging customers to:

  • buy more often and at larger dollar amounts;
  • remain loyal to you in the face of heavy competition; and,
  • become stronger brand ambassadors by giving your organization five-star reviews and recommending friends and family to you.

Assuming your organization and most of your competitors offer a fair product or service at a fair price, you can differentiate yourself with a unique brand. I believe the “intangible” customer experience can be the most tangible differentiator of them all.

There is no single answer to the question, “what should my customer experience be?” YOUR customer experience needs to be (1) consistent with your organization’s brand and culture; and, (2) something that resonates with your specific target audience.

Here is an example of a branded customer experience I created for a local country furniture store:

The Experience: Shoppers were greeted by the delicious aroma of bread baking as they entered the store. They were invited to carve warm loaves from earlier in the morning and enjoy it with homemade jams from a local farm. End-of-day shoppers were offered the uneaten loaves to take home.

The Investment: A $50 bread maker, $30 of bread mixes a month, and tap water. We purchased jams at-cost to promote and sell the farm’s jam in our store.

The Response: The aroma of bread baking touches the most memory-intensive sense we have – our sense of smell. This aroma evokes the assurance of a cozy, warm home…the perfect setting for your new furniture. The experience was available to shoppers and buyers. The free bread and jelly, and loaves to take home were also open to anyone. Many shoppers came in saying, “I heard about your bread and jelly. I love it!”

The Bottom Line: This client exceeded its first-year sales projections by 32.4%! They attribute much of the success to the customer experience we helped them create.

People come back for the feeling.
- Jim Cathcart

(To learn how to enhance YOUR customers’ experiences AND enhance your growth and retention results, register for Karen Saxe’s “How to Enhance Your Customers’ Experiences” seminar. The session runs on Thursday, March 15, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon at the Comfort Suites in Manheim. )

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