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Add Greater Impact to Your Website

Encourager-In-Chief: October 25th, 2017

The power of video testimonials.

Most people will agree that having a written testimonial from one of your clients describing an excellent experience he or she had with you is a great way to increase your sales. But we still have to face that age-old problem; not everybody will read them. Sure, it’s their loss, but it’s ours as well because if they don’t take the time to read the testimonial, it can impact their decision to purchase from us.

The good news is there’s another way to make a high impact using testimonials from your customers that are much more likely to be viewed. Video testimonials are relatively easy to make. Years ago, I started adding them to my own website and I could see a drastic increase in the number of people who book me for speaking engagements and sign up for seminars without ever calling me.

It happens when they click on these brief (almost always under three minutes in length) commentaries from very enthusiastic clients saying how much they liked my business. A third-party testimonial is always more impactful when you’re selling your business to someone who’s never met you before.

What really improved my sales was when I started adding a hotlink in my email messages to inquiring prospects. Here is an example from one of those emails so you can see for yourself - click here to see some brief video testimonials about my results coaching service.

Here are some things to remember if you decide to use video testimonials:

  1. Keep them short. Remember, under three minutes is best.
  2. Use multiple people when possible.
  3. Tailor them to a specific service. Don’t try and be all things to everyone. The more specific you make them, the greater impact they have.
  4. You can’t have too many. The more you have, the greater the perception is that you have many satisfied customers...and that’s a perception you want.
The best way to hide a tree is to put it in a forest.
- Old proverb

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