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Get More Business from Facebook

Encourager-In-Chief: September 6th, 2017

Why “sharing” is better than “liking”.

Recently, one of my newest clients related an interesting observation about social media—Facebook, to be precise. He’s in the business of restoring damaged leather furniture. As you can imagine, this is a very visual sell. When you can show an old, dilapidated seat magnificently transformed into a shiny, smooth, attractive cushion, people are more likely to understand what you do and develop an interest in buying from you.

As it turns out, my client was frustrated because he continuously asks people in his networking organization to go to his Facebook page and “share” this information with their contacts. Unfortunately, his contacts don’t grasp value of “sharing” and just click “like”.

I must admit, the first time he mentioned this to me, I didn’t appreciate the significance of what he was saying. However, the second time he brought it up, I realized exactly why this was so important to him.

When you “like” something on Facebook, very few people will take notice. If you “share”, all of your friends will see the same post, making it much more noticeable to someone who might need that service.

Facebook tends to be a very casual forum. Hard sells don’t work very well here. Instead, I recommend you use Facebook to show what you know so people can see it firsthand and judge for themselves if they want to do business with you. Think of it as earning the right to do business with people, after you’ve given them a chance to get to know you.

If you are serious about using Facebook to promote your business, be sure to request that your friends “share” your posts when they see them. Then again, you can always do both.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.
- John Wanamaker

(This excerpt is taken from my Networking and Marketing Mastery VI: Maximize Your Network seminar. )

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Get More Business from Facebook


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