Create an “Excuse-Free” Zone

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Create an “Excuse-Free” Zone

Encourager-In-Chief: June 14th, 2017

Develop personal responsibility.

One of the most common frustrations I hear from business owners today is how difficult it is to find responsible employees. Things are so bad that they consider somebody actually showing up on the first day of work as a major accomplishment.

If you’re on a job search, you can make your odds of being hired much greater when you learn to take personal responsibility for yourself and your actions. This means you want to develop an “excuse-free” zone around yourself.

In Jay Rifenbary’s book No Excuse! (2000), he explains that at West Point Military Academy, cadets are only allowed to give one of three responses to an officer’s question: "Yes, Sir", "No, Sir", or "No excuse, Sir". West Point is designed to be an excuse-free zone. The idea is to make cadets learn to take full responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Employers are always impressed with people who take responsibility for themselves. They are much more forgiving of mistakes when they know the person is sincere about making things right and is constantly striving to improve his or herself.

I realize it might be difficult to adopt this new habit so I encourage you to start small. Try going an entire day without making any excuses or being defensive. Once you’ve learned how to do this for a day, I challenge you to shoot for three days and then a week.

Eventually, this habit could take root and become permanent. The fewer excuses you make for yourself, the more self-confident you will become and the more respect you will generate from those around you. Don’t be surprised if it takes the people who knew “the old you” a little while to recognize “the new and improved you".

You can’t break a habit. You can only replace a habit.
- Denis Waitley

This excerpt is taken from my Getting Past Your Past seminar.

Getting Past Your Past


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Getting Past Your Past


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