Remember Your Roots

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Remember Your Roots

Encourager-In-Chief: May 17th, 2017

Where did your best customers come from?

How hard would it be for you to jot down a list of your top 10 customers? Do you remember how you got them in the first place?

In one of my seminars, I explain “the genealogy of the room". It’s an exercise in which I explain how I originally came to know everyone in attendance and how they first became my customers.

I’m looking at a picture of my top 10 all-time seminar attendees. Combined, these people have now been to more than 680 seminars (not including duplicates). Three of them have been to more than 100 each (including duplicates, triplicates, and in some cases, attending the same seminar 10 times). What would you think if I didn’t know where these incredible people originally came from?

I met my number one customer in 2001, when I was asked to fill in for another speaker at a small printing industry association meeting, one county away from where I live. My number two customer called me in 2005 when he heard I was going to be speaking for a sales organization to which he did not belong and wanted to know if I had any other seminars he could attend. My number three attendee was introduced to me in 2006 while I was visiting a networking group as the guest of another one of my clients.

If time were not an issue, I could explain precisely where and when I met every single one of my top 10 customers and, with very few exceptions, most of my other customers as well. My point is, these people are responsible for my livelihood. It would be unconscionable of me not to remember where they came from because I never want to forget where I came from.

I’m challenging you to pay careful attention to the people who pay you for your time, service, and products. Don’t ever take any of them for granted. Your business and your success depend on it!

Don’t mistake a small order for a small customer.
- Dave Romeo

This excerpt is taken from my Networking and Marketing Mastery I: Crafting Your Memorable Message seminar.

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