When Hiring, Compare Your Values

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When Hiring, Compare Your Values

Encourager-In-Chief: March 29th, 2017

This is your key to explosive growth.

Recently, one of my coaching clients mentioned how frustrated he was that he could not find craftsmen with his work ethic and a similar level of quality to hire for his business. In fact, he commented that he had only ever worked with one employee who shared his same high standards.

As we talked, I explained to him that he was going about his search all wrong. Instead of looking for someone who shared his level of quality, I encouraged him to start out by establishing his shared vision and values. Specifically he needed to make sure that anyone he was considering hiring had compatible values to his.

For the purpose of this example we will use his values, which were integrity, quality, and service. He wanted his customers to have complete peace of mind that any job he or his employees did would be at the highest level of service and the quality would be impeccable. If there were any problems, he would take care of them immediately and professionally with the least amount of inconvenience to his customer.

With these shared values clearly identified, I challenged him to use them as a rule-out factor for anyone he was thinking about hiring. If they did not share these same values, I instructed him not to consider hiring them. Once everybody knows what your standards are, it makes it a lot easier for them to achieve them. Of course, this is predicated that they actually want to hit them.

Always ask potential employees what their top three values are. If they’re not compatible with yours, don’t waste your time putting these people on the payroll. The advantage of working with people who share your values means you don’t need to be present on a job site to know at what level the work will be performed. This is what your customers expect and, believe it or not, will make your employees much more likely to succeed. It will also allow you to “stack” jobs (schedule multiple jobs at different locations at the same time) because you won’t need to physically be at every job site. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to check and make sure the standards are being maintained, but that is the price you pay for being a business owner.

Make your life easier. Identify your shared values and make sure everybody in your company delivers the same level of great performance to your customers. Do this and you will go from adding jobs to multiplying jobs.

​To add growth, grow employees. To multiply growth, grow leaders.​
- John Maxwell

This excerpt is taken from my How to Deliver Inspired Leadership seminar.

Inspired Leadership I: How To Deliver Inspired Leadership


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