The Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Question

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The Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Question

Encourager-In-Chief: January 11th, 2017

What is the source of your discontentment?

Many people wonder what it takes to come up with that perfect invention that everybody will want. How do you discover it?

The answer can be found in the simple question, “what is the source of my discontentment?”. In other words, what drives you crazy? What are you dissatisfied with in service, product offerings, and convenience?

When you realize what current offerings are barely acceptable or sub par, it should be your key to recognizing there’s an opportunity available to you. If you can create something better, more convenient, or easier to get than what is currently offered, you have an opportunity to fill a void in the marketplace.

Netflix did this to Blockbuster. It recognized that while people wanted to rent movies, it was easier for them to have it sent directly to their houses electronically so they don’t have to go out, rent a movie, then it.

Netflix also realized that by doing this, they could be much more profitable by not having to pay for brick-and-mortar buildings in every little town. You can just stream the programs you want. This is a perfect example of someone saying, “What don’t I like about the current way people are renting movies?”.

If you’re looking to break into the marketplace, start with the question, “What is the source of my discontentment?”. Don’t give up until you find your answer. The nature of all innovation is somebody asking this question and doing something about the problem. There’s no reason that someone can’t be you.

Everybody complains about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it.
- Mark Twain

This excerpt is taken from my Designing Your Destiny seminar.

Designing Your Destiny


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