Selecting the Best Job Applicant

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Selecting the Best Job Applicant

Encourager-In-Chief: September 14th, 2016

The most important question to ask job applicants (that nobody ever asks).

Ask job applicants their top three values.

In my 20+ years in the staffing industry, I became the number one recruiter in the United States for the printing industry. I am constantly coaching business owners and hiring managers on how to hire star employees. However, it still amazes me that in all that time, I’ve never had any hiring manager tell me they ask the most important question of a job applicant.

So what is the question? “What are your top three values?” Why is it so important to know the answer to this question? Values are the rules by which we live our lives. While our values are influenced by others, especially our parents in most cases, we select our own values which determine who we are.

If you want to inspire, reach and influence others, I challenge you to do so through their values. The best way to determine their values is to ask them or observe their behavior. If you have two employees up for the same job with the same level of skills and the same amount of experience, comparing their values will often indicate who is a better fit for your job opening. One of these people might be driven by teamwork, cooperation and lifelong learning, while the other might value self-discipline, singular focus, and promotability. If you’re looking to add someone to an existing team, the first job applicant would be a better selection. However, if you’re looking to have someone operate independently for a second shift position, you’d want to choose the second applicant.

With so many new hires turning out to be enormous disappointments after they get past the interview stage and show up for their first day of work, you really have to wonder why more hiring managers are not asking about a job applicant’s values during the interview. Your values do not need to match that of your employees, but, for the best results, they should be compatible. Please remember this lesson the next time you’re sitting across from a potential new hire.

Values are like unlocking the combination to somebody else’s vault.
- Dave Romeo

This excerpt is taken from my How to Hire Winners seminar.

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